Another Punch-Monki's Weekend

I can't believe that it was almost a year ago that Punchy arrived at London Heathrow and we clicked this picture together:

#reunion #MsPunchy #london2015🇬🇧

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Since then, we have shared some good food, a lot of laughs and some experiences that Punchy might tell her kids at bedtime. Stories about Aunt Monki. Chapter One: Shiraz. Oh, and we also chased a certain cloned sheep out of the country.

But in a few weeks, she'll be working her ass off on her final dissertation and once that's done, I might not see her for a while. So we both took out our calendars and tried to agree on a weekend for some Punch-Monki's time. The only two weekends available were last weekend and this weekend. So as it turns out, I'm going to London. Alone this time because this is dedicated "girl time" and as much as I'd love to pretend as if The Husband was one of our girlfriends this weekend, he's not allowed to join us. I made the rules, remember? Also, this is going to be the first time that The Husband and I will be staying away from each other since the wedding. It's not like we're not used to it because we had a long-distance relationship for the most part. But it has been a while and this is going to be feel different. I still don't know if it's going to be good different or bad different but the thought of not having him tag along kind of breaks my heart. At the same time, I want alone-time with my best friend. Oh, first world problems!

At least, The Bromance is happy. Actually, happy would be an understatement. His exact words were, "OMG that means I get him AAALLLL to myself?"

Then the planning began in our group chat.

"For how long?"

"4 days. You can have him. And do feed him."

"Shane, sleepover?"

Yep. That escalated quickly. And just like that, everyone ignored the fact that I was going away and started saying things like, "Ooooh we should buy that alien nation game thing" and "I'll meet you at your place after work. If we don't sleep, we'll be able to squeeze in like 12 hours of game-time. Plus bathroom breaks."

"And food?"

"There's a reason why Cheetos exists"

Also, I believe the two of them have plans to visit Edinburgh's cat cafe together. It's a place where you sit around petting a bunch of cats. They also provide snacks and beverages. And because I'm not a cat person, these two have always been catty towards me whenever they got together. For example, when The Bromance brought up the cat cafe, this is what my loving husband said:

"Awwwwww yis. When she's gone. I'm worried she might kick the cats...The problem is, she's going to hurt the kitties without heavy supervision."

"Well we could go now that she's leaving for London. Although, it might look a bit gay. Two dudes going out for a coffee at the cat cafe. Just sayin'"


Anyway, I'm going to be with my bestie (I even bought the exact same red wine that caused me to do some things that will make their way into Punchy's kids' bedtime stories about Aunt Monki) and looks like The Husband and The Bromance have even more fun already planned.


So, the next time you hear from me, I'll be in London! I'll get there tomorrow morning and will be back in Edinburgh on Tuesday. Until then, have a fun weekend with your close friends :)

CRAP, I'm gonna miss my idiot!