Poll Results

On Monday, I asked you guys to help me make a blog related decision of whether to keep or discard the new in-line commenting system. I asked you whether you loved it or hated it or if you were Switzerland (like me) or if you had any other comments to share with me.

According to the poll,

63.6% of you love it

22.7% of you are Switzerland

9.1% of you hate it

and 1 of you had "other" comments for me. That one person being The Husband.

This was his contribution to the poll: "I'm going to abuse this form to say boobies". Shane Girish, everyone!

Bottom-line: In-line commenting is here to stay.

But more importantly: My husband keeps saying "boobies".

Photo credit: atomicShed via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND