Conversations with the Bromance

Before I started living with him, The Husband used to live with his closest friend in the city and they had quite a Bromance going on. They would cook and clean together, hang out and do all the things that couples do in general (-_-). When I came into the picture, we basically adopted The Bromance (or they as a couple just let me hang out with them because they couldn't get rid of me).

So sometimes when we go out together, it's like this:

And this:

And sometimes when he gets pissed off 'cos he doesn't live with The Husband any more, he makes friendly faces at me:

So here's a conversation I had with him recently (and let's just call him TBM for convenience):

TBM: Do you guys wanna go out for steak?

Me: No, not today. By the way, he made me watch Dredd the other day. He said, "I want everyone I love to watch the movie and like it". So I was like awwww. And then he said he should get YOU to watch it. WHAT THE FUCK!


Me: Stevey died. Our life was over. We can watch it again with you. But you're missing the point.

TBM: You guys are horrible friends, is the point! You watch all the movies without me and you don't go out for steak!

Me: Your ex-wife said she still loves you. This is a big deal, dude! What's wrong with you? Doesn't that mean anything to you?
Go watch some Gossip Girl to find out how big a deal it really is!

TBM: He's my fucking EX wife. He's made his choices.

Me: I forgot that you were a strong, independent woman. My bad.

Nothing big. Just your regular love triangle. Triangle. Now I want pizza.

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