What I have to Live with - Part 2

After updating yesterday's post on my conversations with BIL, I sent The Husband it's link because he won't read it unless and until I force feed it to him. I force the words on my special html page into his reluctant brain by bombarding him with shares to my link through any social media website that he may or may not be active on. Can you send personal messages on 9gag? Because The Husband lives on 9gag. Anyway, after reading the post, this is the conversation that ensued:

TH: Why "BIL", though?

Me: Brother-In-Law...I thought that was obvious?

TH: Not to me..

Me: MIL and FIL are pretty common so I thought BIL would make sense as well.

TH: Oh right. I forgot that we were married.

Me: Wow.

And then he came up to me and said, "HAHAAAAAA, you married me!"

I swear to God. When I grow tall some day, I might just:

What I have to live with

Conversations with BIL

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