Ksar Char-Bagh Moroccan Beef Burgers

Day 4

There was a time in our lives when Shane and I used to cook delicious exotic food together on an almost daily basis. It was also the time when we sold our souls to multiple corporations, falling flat on our faces for the allure of subscription services.

For over a year now, we have been loyal subscribers to multiple services including one that delivers 54 rolls of our favourite toilet paper to our doorstep every six months. And till date, we have remained loyal to all of our subscriptions except for the one that delivered perfectly measured out ingredients along with recipes every week. Hello Fresh was a life-saver for noobs like us who had no idea how to go about feeding ourselves. Not only did we enjoy the food but we particularly liked not having any extra ingredients or wastage to deal with at the end of cooking an elaborate meal. The only reason we stopped our subscription was because we had three binders full of recipes that we could go back to and recreate at any point.

Having said that, the last time we recreated a recipe from our three full binders was in March 2017 with The Bromance. It's been almost a year since we've done any amazeballz cooking in this home so this is what Day 4 of One Week of Shane looked like:

The deal was that he could pick any recipe from the three binders and then I'd go shopping for the ingredients and wine on my own. The only bit where Shane would have to lift his lazy ass from the couch was to cook the meal with me, but only if he wished to do so.

We cherish our Sundays and try our best not to have any plans so that we can sleep in, laze around all day, get the house in order and just have a chill day before things go crazy on Monday. Which is why, when Shane warily asked me yesterday if my surprise for Sunday included getting out of the house, I actually gave in and told him the truth that he wouldn't be expected to wear pants the whole day. The relief that washed over him at that point was even more profound this morning when he strutted around the apartment in his comfiest underwear.

Another thing we have always cherished is cooking together. And it probably makes sense why we tend to cook together mostly on Sunday evenings. Basically, if a lot of food gets made on a Sunday evening, there's a good chance that we have proper home-cooked leftovers for the rest of the week as neither of us ever cooks alone unless, of course, one of us decides to surpirse the other.

Long story short, on Day 4, the plan was to re-live the experience of cooking something fancy and exotic together after almost an entire year. Little did I know when I made this plan that he was going to select burgers for our "fancy" meal but hey, he's the birthday boy, and his will shall prevail.

Also, because he's the sweetest boy I know, not only did I not have to go shopping for ingredients on my own, but I also didn't have to carry even a single bag on our walk back from the grocery store.

And that was Day 4. See you tomorrow :)