Farmers' Market and Roast Chicken

This weekend, we did something we've never done before. We went over to The Bromance's place on Friday and stayed till Saturday evening. Shane and I slept on his convertible couch and woke up to the brilliance of natural light that bursts into his living room every morning.

Man, I love waking up to natural light.

We made plans to wake up relatively early on Saturday morning to pay a visit to the local Farmers' Market, buy fresh produce, and cook an elaborate meal in the evening. And with all the extra time we had, the boys finished playing a bunch of games and I finished reading my book. It worked out really well for all of us.

But what worked out even better was that this Saturday turned out to be the first proper day of Spring in Edinburgh. Clear skies, flowers in full bloom, and temperatures as high as 15 degrees (and that's saying something). We even grabbed some ice cream and sat on a bench facing the sun in The Meadows. That day was perfect.

We were making this roast chicken with veggies that night.

So the items on our shopping list included chicken breasts, a pack of potatoes, carrots, broccoli, thyme, and honey. But as usual, we were tempted by all the other goodies we saw and ended up stocking up on Scottish honey, special bacon, smoked mozzarella (which we later had as a snack with some good Chardonnay), and of course, sausage rolls for brunch.

This smoked mozzarella though. I'm still drooling.

Oooh and this Scottish Cider and Treacle bacon that we wrapped around some of our chicken and also had for breakfast yesterday. Too fatty, too unhealthy but ohhhh soooo yummmm.

I'd love to go back just to buy some more of their produce.

But can I just go back to losing my shit over how beautiful a day it was?

Look! Daffodils in full bloom.

And daffodils in full bloom with a view of bromance.

And more bromance.

And a grumpy Bromance 'cos I tagged along.

I just ignored Grumpy and focused on what a fantastic sunny day it was. Is it unnatural to get this excited about clear skies?

The last time I got this excited about spring and sunny weather, I jinxed everything and spent a very wet and cold holiday weekend. It's been glorious here since Saturday and I really hope the glory is here to stay for at least a week or two (which by Edinburgh standards is a little too ambitious). But one can hope.

Also, I'm sorry about the late post today. My PC had been acting up. It feels good to be back this week with all the sunshine and happy spirits. I hope you have a great week ahead. See you tomorrow!

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