March Favourites

I'm so excited to share this month's favourites! It's been a great month where I got to discover a bunch of things I love. Also, just a side note: I did end up jinxing the sunny goodness of the past three days with yesterday's blog post. I think the only good thing left in my life now is the list below so let's get right into it.

  1. Lipstick - Benefit They're Real! Double The Lip
    Let's start with my new favourite lipstick in the shade 'Pink Thrills'. I seem to be wearing it everywhere (even on the post image), especially since it matches one of my favourite sweaters perfectly. It comes with a lip liner on the top quarter of the stick and the lipstick at the base. The basic idea is that you can apply both liner and lipstick in one swift motion. So for the lower lip, you turn it up-side-down and glide across your lip. It's super long lasting and stays on for close to 7 hours for me even after I've been out eating. I love love love it!

  2. Scent - The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrant Mist
    I've used their Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel and moisturizer before and purchased this fragrant mist simply because the whole range smells divine. It's a very Spring/Floral and feminine scent that you can rock during the day or night. It's not fruity or overpowering in the least but just the perfet blend of femininety in one spritz.

  3. Skin/Hair - Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil
    This dry oil is my occasional pamper elixir which I apply on my face, body and even the tips of my hair after a long day and a relaxing bath. I love how it's not heavy on the skin and gets absorbed pretty easily. And every time I go to bed after applying this on my face or body, I've noticed that I wake up with healthier, more vibrant looking skin. It's slightly on the pricier side but a little bit goes a long way so it lasts for a long time.

  4. Hair - Ogx Coconut Milk Conditioner:
    You know how I like all things coconuty especially when we're all gearing up for Spring/Summer. I started using this shampoo and conditioner this month. I love the conditioner more than the shampoo because it has a stronger coconuty scent and I feel that it'll work well any other shampoo. And the scent is divine. The first day I used it, even Shane kept coming back to smell ma hurr. But more than the scent, it really makes my hair soft and shiny. I absolutely adore this product.

  5. Tea - Tea Forte's Chocolate Rose tea
    Yes, you read that right. Chocolate-Rose tea. I had it for the first time at the Baldry's Cottage tea room in Grasmere right before we went snooping around Wordsworth's Dove Cottage. I'm so glad I was feeling adventurous that day or I'd have never tried this tea. Everyone at our table loved it so we bought the original tea leaves from there and have been enjoying it ever since.

  6. TV Show: Transparent
    I'm quite emotional when it comes to stories, books, shows, and movies. It's not uncommon to see me sniffing in a corner while watching an anime. But there hasn't been another TV Show that brought out so many emotions in me. I actually sat up and shouted at the TV screen on multiple occasions, sometimes rooting for a character and sometimes hating this person. The characters are too human, weirdly realistic and a bit uncanny in their depiction of common human flaws.

    The story revolves around a completely dysfunctional family with their already chaotic dynamic going into further chaos after the father reveals that he's transgender. And then we see almost all the other characters slowly coming to terms with both his sexuality as well as their own. It's a rollercoaster ride but it's brilliant. I haven't seen anything like it.

  7. Movie - Big Hero 6

    I'm sure a lot of you must have watched this 2014 hit animation film already but I was a tad bit late in joining the fandom. And while we're on the subject of emotions and waterworks, this was another movie that I found adorable and heart-wrenching at the same time. It's about a 14-year-old genius and his equally talented brother's robot who team up to save the day.

  8. Book - The Royal We
    You're probably already aware that I'm a sucker for British History and period drama set in Britain and Scotland. In the past, I have devoured shows and movies like The Tudors, Crown, Reign, King's Speech, Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife to name a few. And now, to add to this fascination albiet with a modern twist, I picked up this book which is a completely fictional retelling of Prince William and Kate Middleton's "fairytale" romance. It's a light and easy read and is a generally feel-good novel like the ones I grew up reading as a teenager. Sometimes, it's refreshing to pick up something like this and lose oneself in a lighthearted romance.

  9. Podcast - Eliza Starting at 16

    This is a podcast by a now 18-year-old girl living in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She started her podcast when she was 16 and through her episodes, I have been fascinated by the life of teenagers like herself who live in the actual world of the famous Gossip Girl characters (minus the drama, plus a shit-ton of level-headedness and maturity). She talks with an honest voice and shares what teenagers these days are into, what they like, dislike, and what they think is cool or boring. I'm almost a decade older than her and lived as a teenager in a completely different world. So I find her honest depiction of her life very interesting and endearing.

    For some reason, there are only 32 episodes on Soundcloud but you'll find all her 55 episodes (including the one that went up just yesterday) on iTunes or any other podcasting app that you may be using. Enjoy!

  10. Organisation - Google Keep

    I organize all my work on a daily planner and my Google Keep app. I've been using this app for almost two years now and this is where all my shopping lists, reminders and memos go. The best part is that I can selectively share certain lists with specific people. For example, Shane has access to my shopping list so that he can buy things in case I won't be accompanying him and Meenal has access to all the podcast and Feminism India related lists so that she can add her own ideas and we can both be on top of things. I also specifically enjoy taking screenshots and pictures that can be added to my lists. For example, some of you DM me on Instagram and Facebook when you have questions for my QnA. All I have to do is screenshot your questions and add it to my QnA list. This app actually keeps me sane.

So that's all for this month. I hope you found this useful and do let me know if you try out anything from my list. See you tomorrow!

I'll be answering your questions for this month's Qna tomorrow so be sure to send in any questions you might have to my email or DM me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.