Dear Barb

It looks like you've convinced me to write a post about you on your bud-day. Or shall I say you bullied me into doing it? Because I have proof.

I may have said at the time that you have unrealistic expectations but we all know that you're the smartest, most level-headed person on the planet so expecting you to have unrealistic expectations is very unrealistic of me. I just read that sentence and asked myself if I was high and followed that up with, "I would have been if Meenal actually made it to Edinburgh this weekend". Oh, well. But my point is, it wasn't an unrealistic expectation. I always planned to do this.

When you sent me a message yesterday morning saying that you dreamt that we were all hanging out together and I was putting face masks on you, it broke my heart a little bit. I know that you never gave much weight to birthdays and other important days, but your birthday is as important to me as mine, Shane's or my parents'. You're practically family to all of us and I had a whole thing planned for you. I promise you that the next time you come over, I'm going to execute that plan and torture you with birthday happiness.

But for now, "writing on a Saturday" will have to be my gift to you. Happy birthday, sweet girl! Blessed are your parents and all the people in your life for knowing and loving you. I can't wait for you to squeeze me in another tight hug while I completely freeze and wonder why you're so affectionate and hyper all the time.

Sometimes, it's a little "2" much.