Spring is here!

This week in Edinburgh has been glorious. I know Spring/Summer is coming when I'm sat on the right side of my couch and the reflection of the setting sun from the flat across us leaves me blinded. IT'S GLOOORIOUS!

This Facebook page called Edinburgh Spotlight by the way, is my happy place. They share little sights from around town everyday that make me jump for joy.

I've always loved the cold, and winter/December is my favourite time of the year. I know a lot of people including The Bromance and Meenal who grew up in sunny Mediteranian countries only to love their summer beaches and absolutely loathe the cold. When it snows in Prague, Meenal actually starts feeling depressed, and one gush of a classic Scottish wind is enough for The Bromance to proclaim that he's leaving this country for good. Shane and I however, grew up in the tropics and if you didn't already know what it's like there, I'd be more than happy to paint a word picture for you.

Where we're from, most people try to avoid stepping outdoors past noon because the harsh sun could quite possibly set your hair on fire. Umbrellas with UV protection and "cooling" fabric are actually a thing there and it's not uncommon to find men and women sporting these umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun. These umberrellas however, don't protect you from the humidity and by the time you reach your destination after a mere 10 minute walk, chances are that your clothes will be soaked in perspiration. This is why most Malayalees tend to take at least two showers a day. And this is how it is all year round excpet when it rains.

And OH. MY. GOD. Have you ever experienced tropical rains? If not, you need to visit Kerala during the monsoons. They're so beautiful that you'd want to sit on a windowsill with a cup of hot chocolate and just watch the rain for hours, and they're so powerful that one heavy rain in the evening will have you believe that the sun never came out all day. I wish our underground plumbing system was capable of handling these rains because in most cities, entire roads get blocked and flooded with rainwater during the monsoons. And although the brown stagnant rain water takes away the charm of the monsoons sometimes, we still love every aspect of it. It's home.

So it's during these monsoons that people like Shane and myself let out a sigh of relief and try to get drenched. That was our respite from the unbearable heat and sticky bodies. And that's probably the reason why we would choose cold winds and perpetual coat-weather any day over the blinding heat.

That said, I find it quite interesting that with the sun coming out every day of the past week, I've been in an exceptional mood. I get out of the house every evening and walk home with Shane after he's done with work. And nowadays, by 6 p.m, we actually manage to catch the sunset. It looks like 6 p.m in a Tropical or Mediterranean country.

This is such a welcome change from the 3 p.m winter sunsets when one moment, you'd be staring at your computer screen and the next time you look up, it's already pitch black outside.

But I may have jinxed it because I'm looking out of my window right now and it's not sunny anymore. Edinburgh is feeling moody today and after a spell of sunshine, she's gone back brood in a corner. Either way, it's light for longer, I have a spring in my step, and I have one and a half days of zero work, outdoor strolling, and good company to look forward to. I'm a happy little bunny today, y'gais! And I hope you're happy too, wherever you are.

Have a great weekend! I'll see you on Monday :)