March 2017 - Week 2

This Thursday morning, I woke up to clear sunny skies in Edinburgh. That in itself is enough to make me want to do my chicken dance in the living room. That, and listening to the latest episode of Desi Outsiders which is...wait for it...A BRAINDUMP!

Seriously, neither of us had any idea that a conversation that started out with innocent remarks on the women who inspire us would lead to my confessions of weird antisocial episodes and pussy talk, which in turn, would lead to stories of the births and deliveries Meenal has witnessed in her lifetime. It's crazy rollercoaster ride y'all. But I do hope you give it a listen and enjoy all our tangents.

Also, this one's our 20th episode! Can you even believe that? We actually released 20 (TWENTY!) episodes plus a pilot already? Crazy town!

But back to music. This week, Shane and I have been listening to some incredible music while cooking. The first song you will listen to on this playlist is My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me by Little Green Cars. One word - beautiful.

As always, the last song in here is my favourite. But this time, it's for the video and the story it tells. The song is High Hopes by Kodaline. The starting scene gave me goosebumps and so did the last scene. I hope you love it as much as I do. Enjoy!