Answering That Question Once and For All

This meme speaks to me at a spiritual level because it hits very close to home. However, try replacing "what they want to eat" with "totally random stupid shit" and you have the story of my life.

Remember that time when Shane asked me how ugly I thought he was on a scale of one to ten? Remember how that one ended?

That question was just a derivative of the most common question we both ask each other almost every other hour or so: Why do you love me?

Then the person whose turn it is to answer will try and come up with a new creative way of saying "because you're a little shit and I've just gotten too complacent with you to pack my bags and leave".

Just last Saturday at the museum we had this conversation:

A: "Do you have any idea how loved you are?"

S: "Zero?"

A: "I wouldn't go that far."

S: "So how much is it?"

A: "Minus forty-five."

S: "But that's like...hate at that point."

A: "Exactly. You really know how to push my buttons and you've been accumulating negative points for almost seven years now."

Day 5

So I thought that on Day 5, I'll answer that question from my side once and for all. Henceforth, Shane Girish is not allowed to ask me why I love him or he will have to deal with sticky business first thing in the morning.

This sticky business will be all over every single mirror in the house so Vain Girish's daily dose of self-absorption might be disrupted a tad bit.

And it's probably not fun to have it all over the inside pockets of one's jacket or even on one's breakfast smoothie.

And it certainly must have been terrible to find some on his laptop screen at work.

That ought to teach the sucker! Because if he pushed me just a teeny bit more, the world would run out of sticky notes, for I'd collect them all and then cover each one of them with my crappy handwriting, listing all the reasons why I love him so very much.

Happy two-days-till-your-birthday, Shane!