Bane Girish against the world

Before I left on holiday last weekend, I remember telling you guys that I was certain to come back with more entries for Kirti's Komics. And boy, was I right. This time around, the jokes didn't revolve around my height or cheese. Ser and Lady Campsalot were on FIRE when it came to making jokes about Shane's name. I kind of feel ashamed to admit that I contributed only one joke in this string. Enjoy!

If Shane wears a cold mask, will he become Bane Girish?

(And if you're wondering, yes, they created the post image as well)

Also Shane, because you're commuting to our destination right now, you're Train Girish 🚆

When Shane suddenly remembered some problem at work and started ranting about it,

The only one complaining here is Complain Girish.

When he quickly corrected himself by saying, "Sorry for being whiny. From now on, it's Fun Girish."

You can't be Fun Girish. It doesn't rhyme with your name! Please stop being Lame Girish.

And when he proclaimed that he was done with us,

Oh no Shane, did our jokes hurt your feelings? 😞 In that case, you're Pain Girish.

And when he started to look angry,

If Shane burst into flames right now, he'd be Butane Girish.

When we were no longer travelling on a train and got on a bus,

Shane, we're parked in the bus lane now. That makes you Lane Girish.

When we arrived at our destination,

Since Shane's caught up in the rain in Lake District, he's Rain Girish right now.

When we couldn't see anything in the mist and rain,

Shane, you're taller than all of us. So when we make you look for things we can't see, you're Crane Girish.

When the rain fogged up his glasses and he said he couldn't see anything,

We'll get you a blind person's cane. Then you can be Cane Girish.

When we all got a little tired of the incessant rain,

This is too cold. We need summer! Take us to Spain, Girish!

When we started talking about Spain, countries, politics, and Brexit,

When you voted, you were Remain Girish.

When he felt proud of himself for voting to remain like the rest of Scotland,

Vain Girish is too full of himself.

Later, when he solved a coaster puzzle, he became Brain Girish.

When he pretended not to hear the compliment, he was called Feign Girish.

If you're wondering how it's possible for people to come up with these strings of ongoing lameness without any effort, you have company. I think being in the presence of a niche audience like us who genuinely enjoy this kind of humour also helps with the creative process. Either way, I hope there's more to add to that string.