March 2017 - Week 4

Happy Thursday, everybody! This week ended before it even started for me. I feel that I'll have to wait till next Monday to actually get back into the grind and get shit done.

This Sunday, we celebrate Mother's Day here in the UK. Everywhere you turn, you're bombarded with reminders to get your mom a gift. So Meenal and I thought, why not do an episode on motherhood for the podcast this week? That could be our gift to our mothers. In hindsight, we're not very sure if that was a sensitive and sensible gift to give. Oh, well.

Do give this special episode a listen as it's very personal in nature. This isn't one of those episodes where we sit and talk about what we see happening around us. This is an in-depth, honest and vulnerable conversation about what motherhood means to us and whether or not we think we want to take up the role of mothers in the future.

I especially talk about the way in which this topic was introduced to girls like me growing up in India. I hope you can relate!

As far as this week's music playlist is concerned, I believe that this is one playlist I will go back and listen to on a fun, chill and happy evening with friends.

The first song you will hear is Machine by MisterWives which I felt was an incredibly empowering song. It screams individuality both in it's style as well as lyrics. In fact, the chorus,

Not here to lose, not here for you to choose
How we should be
‘Cause we’re not part of your machine

speaks for itself.

The fourth song you will hear is The Punisher by Lucius. I feel that this band is magical and they create amazing music. This one in particular is spectacular. You'll know what I'm talking about when you listen to it.

And finally, the last song on the list is Why by The Cranberries. You might already be familiar with this Irish band as it's been around since the late 80's. And this is a song they just released yesterday. I hope you enjoy it!