The tag that was dropped.

This is one of those posts that The Husband forces me to write on days when he shows active interest in what I do behind his back (like, uploading pictures of him in pink tights for the whole world to see). He makes me do this because "it's important to document the changes you make on your website, if not for your readers then at least for yourself, or you'll forget what you did and when the changes happened". I hope you read that in an annoying, pretentious Ivy League voice.

So this week, I made a few changes to the website in general which I shall address before talking about the tag that was dropped.

  • You might have noticed the new summer masthead with a pineapple that will someday find it's way up an annoying asshole's arse.

Whenever The Husband gets annoyed with someone, his first impulse is to wish a pineapple up that person's arse. For example:

"He said that I looked fat in that picture."

"Well, he needs a pineapple shoved up his arse, doesn't he?"

When Punchy said something to the tune of "...and then he started flirting shamelessly..."

"That's when you ask him to go shove a pineapple up his arse."

Random dude on TV fucks up basic Math.

"Aaaaaargh! Stupid. STUPID. Pineapple. Arse."

How could I not love that vivid imagery?

  • Another tiny change is that I have tried to implement a cleaner approach to the website. And by "clean", I mean no more grey blocks framing the items on my side bar (for desktop users). I replaced that with a simple thin grey line so it looks more spacious and less cluttered. I think this works okay but any design inputs and advice would be welcome.

  • I have restricted the number of posts per page to 7 because I think that would be an ideal number. However, if you'd like to see more/less posts, I'm open to suggestions.

  • The Instagram plug-in at the very bottom of the page was broken for a while after Instagram introduced their new UI. Unfortunately, I didn't notice it till my tech guy aka The Husband started working on the back-end stuff of this website. It has been fixed now.

  • The search button has been fixed. Now you may search for any post that you liked previously and want to go back and read.

  • Nibbles and Giggles continue to not have post images. But if you feel that they should, do let me know.

  • Posts without cover images were previously not getting displayed in the "next" and "previous" section beneath each post. That issue has been fixed now.

  • Previously, it was not possible to navigate to a post from a another page by clicking on it's image. You were forced to click on the title itself. Now, you may click on the images and life is beautiful again.

And lastly, about the tag that was dropped.

I have been giving my tags a cleanse and any tag that wasn't used more than thrice has been dropped. This shouldn't affect you in any way. But a major change you will find is that the tag called "Abstract" which was also a static page/section of this blog has been completely dropped. I found that most of the posts filed under this tag were already filed under other more relevant tags. Hence I decided to say goodbye to that little section which was nothing but clutter. Don't worry, I even said "it's not you, it's me" to the sucker so it should be fine. I don't miss it at all and I'm sure you won't even notice it gone. THAT should be my pep talk to my kids if I ever decide to leave Shane because of how he unloads the dishwasher. Hopefully, with time, I'll make my peace with the fact that his wrong way of unloading the dishwasher is also fine. It's the thought that counts, after all. But I digress.

What we're currently working on:

  • Click-ability for the featured posts' images.

  • Nibbles and Giggles side bar.

  • A plug-in for the Facebook album called "Mastheads" where I intend to store all my seasonal mastheads.

  • Archives - We kind of wasted a lot of time waiting for our blogging platform to fix this problem and provide us with archive for the readers. Looks like it's time to take matters into our own hands (which is moderately easy to do under normal circumstances but difficult when a control freak like myself wants it to be done in a very specific way). I have drawn a plan with pen and paper (which by the way is for losers, remember?) and every time he looks at it, he cries. I'm surprised my tech guy still wants to be married to me.

  • Dates - The dates are STILL not displayed under posts. What you'll find is how long ago (in days, weeks and months) a post was published. Much like the old Instagram UI. But like the new Istagram UI, I want the exact dates to be displayed. This was not initially on our priority list but it is now.

  • Page Navigation - I can't explain in geek terms so basically, I want my readers to be able to access "page 5 of 20" etcetera without having to click on "next page" forever. I hope that makes sense.

Aaaaand you guessed it. I bribed the one engineer I have with ice-cream to get so much done:

Have a happy weekend, you guys! Thou shalt not work on weekends. Shane and I should try that sometime.


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