How this blog works.

I think I shouldn't postpone writing this post now. It's about time I broke this down for everyone. Boring and technical (who am I kidding? I don't speak "technical") as this may be, please bear with me while I doze off in between typing out this post. Here goes:

First of all, thank you for stopping by and reading all my outrageous loud ramblings on this space. I'm sending big, BIG, internet hugs your way.

Now, about the blog. The minute you type, you land on my 22 Nelson Street home page. If you're on your desktop, you will see a navigation bar on top with sections like "Home", "Stories", "Personal" etc. On your phone, you'll see three horizontal lines stacked one on top of the other to the upper right corner of your screen. I'm sorry, I'm not over-explaining all this because I think you guys are retarded. It's just that, if I were reading this post, I would love for someone to break things down in detail, chew it and spit it into my mouth for me to swallow.

Coming back to the point, yes, I changed a few headings without ever warning you guys. My bad. So let me make this post even more dragging and boring by elaborating. Do I really have to do this, Shane? Can't you just do it for me? Will you write this post, pliss? WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME YOU ASSHOLE?

  • Home: When you click on this button, you get to see all my posts in a chronological order. Of course, I still don't have the dates up because my tech guy is a lazy piece of shit on most days. You will see posts from all segments, all at once. The only criterion here is the chronology.

  • Stories: Here, you'll find stories written by me in the form of journals entries. These stories are divided into parts. Some have up to seven parts while others have only three. This section was previously called "Journals" owing to fact that they're in the form of diaries. But I feel that the new title makes it less complicated and makes more sense. Happy reading :)

  • Kibitz: Pretty much what the word means. Unwarranted and unsolicited life advice that my friends are very used to by now. If you're friends with me, I'm going to give you life lectures from time to time, disregarding the fact that I am a hot mess in real life. Teehee. Don't you just want to slap me? Also, this space was formerly called "Vade Mecum" which translated as "Vadeyum Meen Curry-um" (doughnut and fish curry) in my best friend Pissy's brain. Slap on my face, that was. Hence, a simpler name.

  • Abstract: This space is where I go nuts. You'll find unrelated ramblings, lists, and things that don't fit into the other categories. For example, this post. I don't know which category this fits into. Hence, I'm going to file this under Abstract. I sometimes come here to bitch and whine and sometimes, to reminiscence. I still need to figure out a way to organise the content in this section. A new name would work too. Any suggestions are most welcome.

  • Personal: My not-so-private, personal diary. My journal where I record exaggerated versions of my trivial, everyday existence. A space where I insult and mentally abuse my very forgiving husband. A space that invokes mortal fear in my military dad. A space that makes people tell my mother that I wasn't raised well. A space that The Husband and I go back to from time to time to share giggles. And those giggles make everything worth it. Also, this segment was first called "My Diary" which was lame so I changed it. I know it's confusing how 'Stories' was first 'Journals' and 'My Diary' is now 'Personal'. I was going to change 'My Diary' to 'Journal'. Let's all be glad that that didn't happen. So, as my husband sometimes tells me, "Just deal with it.".

  • Contact: This is where you'll find my contact information for when you feel like sending me an e-mail to tell me that you enjoy reading this blog or that you hate my guts. Either way, I appreciate it. I use the same e-mail id for business purposes as well.

  • About: Every blog needs an about page to tell you a little something about the author. But my about page gives you my entire life's story. It's a giant blog entry in itself. Do check it out.

And finally, the reason why I wrote all this:

I'm introducing a new segment to the blog. It's going to be called "Nibbles and Giggles". It'll have little bite sized stories from my day to day life, all the tiny mundane things that shouldn't be exaggerated. All the precious little things that need to be "immortalized", as a dear friend once put it. These can fill in the gaps between my longer posts that I put up at least thrice a week. These can record those everyday conversations that need to be recorded, the depravities of a young, socially dysfunctional couple, and the stories from my current little world that I want to read to my many dogs in the future when I'm an old dog lady.

I will be updating this section as and when something happens in my life. These are the little posts that won't have post images for obvious reasons. I'm still not sure if I should share these posts on Facebook and Twitter once they're up on the website but I'll figure it out soon. As for now, this segment has it's own place on my navigation bar. However, I'm getting my lazy tech guy to do some tech stuff to make it appear in a side bar (of sorts) on every single post so that my wonderful readers can click on it straight-away once they're done reading the longer posts.

So, some details are still fuzzy and I'm sorry about that. I'm sure you'll all figure it out with me when I finally get there myself. I would make a great hostess, wouldn't I? "That's the kitchen. That's where you'll find the food stuff. Cook or whatever dude, as long as you leave me alone."

Thanks for bearing with me and reading till the end.