Short girl problems

A little birdie told me that yesterday (or was it the day before?) was "National short girl appreciation day", if that's even a real thing. Coincidentally, I have a story from yesterday to fit the theme.

Last evening, when I was feeling a little down, The Husband stood right behind me while I was brushing my teeth and washing my face before going to bed. He stood right there, making his trademark creepy faces at me, and refused to move out of the way when I was done.

Then, he bent down to hug me and I said, "Ow! Take your scrunchy beard away from my cheek. You'll wipe off all my night cream."

"How about now? Better?"

"So much better."

"Can I ask you something?"


"Are you struggling to stand on your toes?"

"Short girl problems."

"Don't do it, then. Just stand like you normally do. I'll bend down."

"Really? SHORT-GIRL-BOYFRIEND-GOALS!!! Thank you."

It's funny how the little things are always instant mood boosters. So precious. Thank you :)