A Shankita Podcast

Yesterday, Meenal was forced to make a choice. She had to choose between her singular friend and her medical degree. And now, let's just say that the total number of friends she has is equal to the total number of times Shane has loaded the dishwasher the right way - ZERO. Have fun having deep, meaningful conversations with that degree of yours, DESERTER!

She hurt my fee-ya-lee-yings so much that I had to turn to my singular friend, one who cannot desert me as easily because he's bound to me legally - Poor Shane. One thing led to another and we found ourselves in our living room with my microphone and a pair of headphones.

"The show must go on", I told him. "And you're recording this episode with me."

Very graciously, Poor Shane accepted my proposal. Especially after I told him that for every no he says, God kills an innocent puppy.

What you're about to listen to is a very poor reflection on our marriage. For the first time ever, Shane and I talk into a microphone and record a podcast without our third wheel.

And it's honestly quite embarrassing to go back and count the number of times I say "REALLY?" when he reveals something about himself and sometimes about me, that I had no idea of prior to this recording.

I surprise him too at one point when I share how his parents exploited me for child-labour. Except it was normal family-bound-unpaid-labour but I'm still going to press for child labour because I looked like one two years ago (still do!) and the incident both scarred me and potentially ruined my social standing in Trivandrum. He claims to have had no idea but I know for certain that he was involved in the devious execution of their plan.

You will hear us laugh a fair bit, butcher jokes all the time, say things that will make zero sense to you without context, and worry about problems we don't even have. Like, how will we transport our poor puppy (that we don't even have) to a random place like, say, Germany (because why not?) when Shane decides to up and leave (although he loves his current situation) because he might find an exciting opportunity there (or not)? Yeah, that was mostly me. He still spent time convincing me that the puppy will be fine. Poor Shane. Oh, and there's singing in between. Again, Poor Shane!

You might want to plug in your headphones when you listen to this because we recorded this conversation being very true to ourselves - I was anxious as always so I sat up straight and spoke right into the mic while Shane was relaxed and calm, and his posture wasn't ideal for recording a podcast. Basically, you'll find that my audio is a hundred times better than his because he's a lazy piece of shit, and I told him the exact number of puppies that had to die because of this attitude of his. The headphones make everything a lot better though.

Hope you enjoy the show!