Using that dirty word more often

I come bearing good news and bad news, neither of which has anything to do with you, unfortunately. As is the case with almost everything that goes up on his blog. It's another blah-blaah-blaaahg post all about me although I've been told more frequently than ever that not everything in this world is all about me. Lies! The sun rises in the east because that's where my butt is and HOLY SHIT did we just go off on a tangent about my butt immediately after the first sentence? Sounds about right.

Which brings us to the good news. The little meltdown on Tuesday complete with accusations directed at the Universe for trying to fuck up everything in my life led to two consecutive days of powering through to-do lists and trying to feel better about my existence. I was this (👌) close to going back to worshipping Sai Baba like the rest of my extended family because clearly, a lack of spirituality in their sense of the term was the cause for all my distress, including my crooked teeth, short legs and ability to fly around on a broomstick. And HOLY SHIT did we just go on our second tangent already? Okay, now I really need to get my shit together.

As I was saying, things got done. A lot of things got done and we've been making progress. In fact, while the interview recording disaster on Sunday (where we couldn't procure the source file from our guest's side) did lead to slightly poor audio quality for this week's podcast, it has still turned out to be one of our most popular episodes ever. So things do seem to be getting back on track and I seem to be mastering the art of controlling my brainwaves so as to not shatter my window panes every time I get frustrated.

The bad news, however, is that I'm still not feeling quite right in the head. This is where I get into the whole shebang of talking about my "feelings" again, a dirty word in the dictionaries of manly-men and most Indian parents.

FEE-YA-LEE-YINGS, as I just screamed out loud in my characteristic poor imitation of a Southern Texan accent. Because no matter how I say it, most of the people who ask me questions about my job are going to imagine me saying it with my eyes threatening to pop out of their sockets, and my right hand pointing a finger at my temple, drawing continuous imaginary circles. It's funny how that's exactly how I picture them too. Fee-ya-lee-yings are mostly mutual, wouldn't you agree?

"What do you do for a living?"

"I write a blog."

"And you can actually make money doing that?"

"People have been making money from their blogs from the mid-2000s. Are you just finding out, more than a decade later?"

"But when are you getting a real job?"

"This is my real job."

"Is it because he doesn't let you go outside and work?"

"Who doesn't?"

"Your husband. He doesn't like it if you work in an office, does he?"

"Mate, are you sure you weren't born in the sixties in India? Because I'm getting a feeling that YOU HATE THE WORD FEELINGS."

I then proceeded to bite his head off, soon after which, I spat out both his eyeballs that had popped under the pressure of this encounter. Good times.

Anyway, the next time someone asks me what I do for a living, I'm going to say that I write about my FEE-YA-LEE-YINGS on the internet and see how that goes. We all need to use that dirty word more often.

I admit that this post may have been of a confusing nature but when is it not? I don't know when I'm going to start feeling right in the head again but let's hope that this weekend helps.

On that note, may you have an amazing weekend too! I'll hopefully see you on Monday.