Singular Friend

Happy Monday, everybody! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are back at your desks to kill this week. My weekend was everything I expected it to be. I started a new book, the front page of which had this on it:

And I had to immediately send it to Meenal and tell her that if I ever wrote a book, I would have to dedicate it to her because I don't have very many friends. After we laughed about it, I'm sure we both realised that it might just be the other way around. I'm more her singular friend than she is mine. Does it make me a bad person for feeling superior to her right now?

I asked her the same question recently. Not about feeling superior to her for having five extra friends but for laughing continuously for five whole minutes after watching this:

I feel like the answer to my question is yes. Yes, it does make me a bad person for laughing so hard at that poor grandma. And it makes me an even worse person for going back and rewatching it a couple more times. But you know what? I'm still superior to Meenal because I sent that video to all five of my friends whereas all she could do was send it back to me, which she didn't because she felt sorry for that grandma. She may be a better human being but I have more friends and a dying plant for company on lonely afternoons.

Although, if I continue down this treacherous path of arrogance, chances are that the dying plant will end up being my singular friend. So I shall stop now with the promise of showing up tomorrow.

I hope you had a wonderful day today and am curious to know what the funniest video you've seen recently is. It might just make my day a hell of a lot brighter.