Valentine's with our Third-wheel(s)

Shane and I woke up this morning to find Meenal standing in a corner of our bedroom, munching on prawn crackers. Apparently, she likes watching us sleep.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope you celebrate love in all its forms today. Valentine's is not just for couples but also for people like Meenal. You can and must celebrate the love you have for your family, your friends, your pets, your favourite food (if you're like Meenal), your work (if you're like Shane), your favourite books and movies (if you're like me), and everything under the sun that you hold close to your heart.

As far as Valentine's at 22 Nelson Street is concerned, today marks the beginning of a week-long celebration because, in exactly one week, Shane (finally) turns 25, and my mom turns... well, I would tell you but I'd rather not be eaten alive by the woman who brought me into this world.

Last year for Valentine's day, Shane and I bought each other lame coffee mugs with cheesy things written on them because our theory is this: the lamer, the better. However, that seems to have turned into a kind of tradition now because although I didn't get him anything this year, he got me this mug.

Well, technically, Meenal got me that mug. I know, it's weird. It turns out that when we were all shopping, Shane grabbed the mug and put it in Meenal's shopping cart and forgot all about it. So although it's his gift, technically this valentine's mug is from Meenal. In fact, they presented it to me together. And to make things even more complicated this year, guess who we're having Valentine's dinner with? THE BROMANCE! And guess where we're all meeting up for dinner? THE CHINESE PLACE where The Bromance and I kind of bullied a little boy! Things are weird on Valentine's at 22 Nelson Street, to say the least.

But if you're into weird, you might just enjoy this:

See you tomorrow!