This Valentine's Day

Let's show ourselves a little love. Says the narcissist who writes a blog about herself in which almost every sentence starts with "I". I have a serious problem. See? I did it again. And again. Goddammit! But you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way. In the past, it was easy to find a lot of "yes" people. People who would try to protect your feelings, say the right things, and be kind. But nowadays we surround ourselves with people who try to remind us that we're not good enough. Passive aggressive is the new language of war and everyone seems to be getting really good at it. So the one thing I will implore you to do this Valentine's Day, is to love yourself. The others can wait. Cut short one person from your life who judges you harshly. That one person being you, yourself. Embrace your flaws, your stupidity, all the times you felt like going back and re-living that one day of your life so that you could do that one thing differently, that one thing you messed up. Because it's all perfectly alright.

On a day that celebrates love, tell all those people you actually love that you're thinking about them but more importantly, tell yourself that you mean the world to yourself.

As for Valentine's Day news from 22 Nelson Street, we just woke up at 12 p.m 'cos we sat up watching a 'Legally Blond' marathon last night. Yep, The Husband said he felt like watching a crappy movie and a crappy movie(s) we watched. Also, The Husband made a snooty remark this morning that he never gets any alone time. So I put him on time-out and asked him to stand in a corner facing the wall, thinking about what he said. He's getting some alone time in the process. That sucker will think twice before saying that to me again.

After I let him out of his corner, we might get sushi with The Bromance because we were not joking about that.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

But more importantly, #happyeveryday