The time when feeling superior to Meenal backfired.

I tend to feel superior to Meenal from time to time. I just have so much going for me in comparison to her.

  1. She has just one friend (me) and I have five.
  2. If we were born into the same Indian family, everyone would have favoured me more because I'm fairer than her. We could be used in a Fair and Lovely ad campaign where the fairness meter thingy could be turned into a scale of "Meenal to Ankita", Meenal being not suitable for marriage and Ankita being ideal marriage material based on our skin tones.
  3. She's tall and I'm short.
  4. She's athletic and I'm not.
  5. She can swim and I can't.
  6. She's getting a medical degree and I still don't know which we have two of - lungs or livers?
  7. She was called the "hotter one" on the podcast.

Wait a minute.

Meh. She still doesn't have an "ideal marriage material" skin-tone. I win.

So on Tuesday, I was feeling a little extra superior to Meenal because we were going to record a podcast on dealing with breakups and as far as I knew, I was the only one with some insight into the whole topic. You see, Meenal has never experienced a break up in 24 years of her life so she has no idea what heartbreak feels like. Okay, that's stretching it because all humans face heartbreak outside of romantic relationships. But either way, she told me that she was just going to have to listen to me throw around my words of wisdom like confetti while she contemplated on her high-school life as a girl who channeled all her raging hormones into sports instead of boys.

But once again, my plan backfired as you'll find out when you listen to this week's episode.

I hope you find the story of my three breakups as hilarious as we did while recording. Okay, two of them were. The last one, not so much.

I hope you laugh with us the way Shane did while editing.

And I hope you don't freak out like my dad when he started listening because he had no idea his daughter has had more than one romantic relationship. But he should be used to all of it by now because dad, HAVE YOU READ THIS BLOG? Also dad, it is my duty as a child to embarrass you and make sure you don't get too used to the idea of a good night's sleep.