Resolutions and all that Scheisse!

New Year's Eve at 22 Nelson Street started off with a bang (at least as far as I'm concerned). I found The Husband's phone in the bathroom after he left for work and I laughed, and laughed, and laughed. I'm excited to find out how he survived an entire day at work without his phone. Although, I'm sure that his not noticing his missing phone is also a possibility (-_-). However, in my evil mind's eye, I can see him panicking and losing his shit over the realization that his precious phone is no longer in his possession. I can see him spill his coffee and rush home, scanning the path he walked for signs of an abandoned phone (the way we went searching for his missing house keys when he left them at work - he even made me cross over the the other side to scan the footpath because he couldn't remember which way he had walked back home, a mere 10 minutes before the realization hit(-_-)), frantically opening the front door of our house to inform me of his misfortune, only to see me sipping on wine in the middle of the day like a classy bitch, while I laugh and laugh and laugh at him.

Serves him right, in a way, for pissing me off this morning. His new favourite hobby is to abandon his morning tea before going to work. He's always running late and apparently his tea being too hot to drink in one gulp is what keeps his entire office waiting for him. I fixed the problem by getting him this thermos mug which he can now carry to work, so that he doesn't have an excuse to waste his tea:

However, today morning, he purposely left even the mug behind, saying that it slows him down while he walks. If you could see my face right now, you'd mistake it for this fluffy emoji pillow:

Anyway, moving on to the festive holiday spirit, check out the post image ^ , wishing you all a happy 2016! That one was for all you beautiful people out there and this one is for us:

Because we only wish ourselves in our home. We don't care about our guests. The most we do for our guests is this:

Why, you ask? Because that's how we roll in the Shankita household. Our whole world revolves around us and we're awesome (says The Husband with his characteristic shrug followed by "Meh.")!

Coming to the expectations preceding the one horrible month of the year that is like the Monday to a week, let's discuss resolutions and "all that Scheisse". I was always one of those snooty people who consistently held their noses up in the air and proclaimed loudly to anyone who would listen that "I don't do" resolutions. Simply because the very thought of planning ahead and sticking to plans for a whole friggin year was exhausting to my simple brain. However, in the end, I did just that. Today, I look back at my life and realize that I have been planning and planning and planning ALL THE TIME. I forgot to live in the moment and my eyes always gazed into the future, waiting for some event or some person to do something that would bring me happiness. It's only after I stopped waiting for something to happen and decided to be happy anyway, that I could truly appreciate all the wonderful little things in my life.

So today, I shall be a rebel and make some of those things that you call resolutions. Nothing big, but nothing small either. Just some things that I practise anyway, and I wish to carry on to the coming years:

  • Practise the art of "Shrug and Meh.": This is a special art form that I have been learning from The Husband. When shit hits the fan, instead of throwing a fit and over-thinking as I normally would do, I plan to adopt his incredible sense of indifference which he expresses through his characteristic shrug followed by, "Meh.". This man (almost) never gets affected by anything. Even when innocent puppies die, he's capable of doing the "shrug and meh". He does that thing with his lips as well. The thing he's doing in this picture while I'm smiling away like an innocent puppy:

Zoom into that face, peeepaaaal! Trust me, that face together with a shrug and a "Meh.", is a deadly combination. And trust me, I'm getting there. So this year, "MEH!" shall rule! *Fist Pump*

  • Continue being melodramatic: I have this habit of getting excited about little things. Like body parts and warm water and full meals, which you already know of, unless you haven't read my Gratitude Journal. And whenever I mention something like, "Oh how wonderful is the clarity of this movie we're watching! We're so lucky!!!" to The Husband, he says, "stop being so melodramatic, womaaan!". I feel that I need to embrace my spiritual side more, and the best way to do it (according to me) is by being thankful for all that you have and by trying to give back to society in whichever way you can. So this year, I plan to be melodramatic as fuuuuuuuu**. (I should probably try to swear less too, while am at it)

  • Remember the tag on my New Year's wish: Do it. Scroll back up and look at the lame tag I have included on the New Year's wish from Shankita to Shankita. My mom called me this morning and told me that I should wake up with a smile tomorrow because it's the beginning of a new year and all that scheisse (I love that not-so-classy word!). I have grown up believing that the first day of the year/month will determine how the rest of it goes. But imma gonna shove all that scheisse aside and try my best to be #happyeveryday. Going by how even my birthday this year was "just another fun filled day", I have come to realize that I don't need a special occasion to celebrate and be happy. I shall put on my dancing shoes and celebrate every single day. It's funny how I have ended up repeating something that The Husband said to me years ago (and annoyed me back then). When I wished him on New Year's day a few years ago, he did the "shrug and meh." and told me that it was just another day and annoyed me into thinking that he was dampening my festive spirit.

On that note, I wish you all a #happyeveryday from 22 Nelson Street! See you all in 2016 :D