A Letter to my Favourite Little Girl

Dear Princess,

That's what you've always been - a princess. And that's what you'll always be, as long as you make that choice. Times get hard, people become assholes, life acts like a bitch and sometimes you just have to throw on your crown and remind yourself to move on. I know this, because I've been there. And I wish I had a crown back then.

So, as a part of keeping a promise to myself, of looking out for you from any corner of the world, here are some things I want to pass on to you:

  • The teacher who called you stupid - Understand that this person expected all 20 kids in the class to stand first. That's an unrealistic expectation, isn't it? Now you tell me, who's stupid?

  • Your first crush - Celebrate it, my love! It means you're growing up and you'd be abnormal if you didn't get excited about that good looking boy who flashed his beautiful teeth at you every time he smiled. A first crush should never be taken too lightly. Or even too seriously, for that matter. Celebrate it without getting too attached.

  • Your first heartbreak - Embrace it. No matter how hard they try, the ones who love you can't protect you from heart break. It will hurt. But it will pass. I promise. And once it goes away, you'll grow stronger. You'd have gained experience, and experience will give you strength. Always.

  • That girl who made fun of your appearance - Send lots of compassion to that poor soul. She just wants to be you but is too young to realize that jealousy and admiration are made of the same substance - a desire to be you. She laughs to your face with a weeping heart. You don't know what's going on in her little world. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, forgive and smile.

  • The one after the first crush - You thought this one was for real, didn't you. We all do. But not all of us are lucky like that. If he didn't meet your expectations, he wasn't for you anyway. If you didn't meet his, you didn't want to stay, anyway. If he took your fragile heart for granted, what a pig, right? Forget and move on. Because in exactly a year from now, you will try to remember his name and face and laugh at the realization that someone who was once so important to you, is merely a name to which you find it hard to attach a face. Trust me, it gets easy.

  • The boy whose heart you broke - It happens, doesn't it? For some reason you can't even explain to yourself, something about someone doesn't click somewhere and even justifying it to yourself becomes a pain in the ass. Expect a cheesy line in the future. Something to the tune of, "You ruined the very idea of love for me". Don't forget to smile. And pray that he too, forgets you.

  • The best friend who snitched on you - Probably thought he/she was doing the right thing and helping you out somehow. Forgive this person. Forgive, don't forget. Because the next time around, you'll be way smarter, won't you? Your secrets are yours alone. Not to be shared with anyone, for that matter. But don't let one episode of snitching make you lose your trust in humanity as a whole. Just learn to sift out what you think is yours and yours alone. After all, the best trick is to share as little about yourself as possible, and to do it in such a way that people think they know all about you.

  • The adult who turned a blind eye to your problems - Never forget this person. Because he/she taught you a very important lesson on expectations. A painful yet important lesson. You will learn with time that very few people will stand up for you. But if you've had the good fortune of approaching an adult who didn't listen to your problem as a child, you got to learn this lesson earlier on in life. Be sure to be there for them when they need you.

  • The person who violated your personal/physical space - ROAR. Look into the mirror, at your own reflection. Look into your own eyes and see what I see in you. See, and not merely look. See, feel, and ROAR when you have to.

Because, my love, nobody will speak on your behalf. Nobody will come to your rescue. Nobody will truly understand your pain. You have to learn to be your own best friend. And once you master the art of being your own friend, you will realize that you don't need another friend in this world. If something doesn't feel right, speak up for your own sake. Love yourself, and protect this person you love.

You have an incredible power within you. It's your power to choose. You may feel helpless and devoid of this power today, but it's constantly by your side. For, nobody can take your individuality away from you. Choose to make things better - your present, your future, and everything around you. Exercise control over everything you can. Make choices. CHOOSE to be happy. And choose to carry on this happiness into your future.

Take the first step, and make the choice.


An extension of you.

P.S. When times get too hard, remember this hedgehog :)

Image Courtesy : Pinterest