10 little fingers, 10 little toes.

Nope. Not pregnant. Just thankful.

Yesterday was fun. It was all peachy and nice until I got home from a happy Sunday out with The Husband, and decided to bake. I incurred what can be called the silliest injury there is- a paper-cut while tearing out a piece of aluminium foil for baking. A long vertical cut across the pinky on my left hand. A cut that I tried to ignore but kept gushing out blood till my hands began to look like this:


I placed my finger under a stream of cold water and and forgot all about it. 10 minutes later, it still looked like that ^ (seriously, why are the smallest cuts the worst?).

And then began the annoying bits:

  • Hair getting caught in it while tying a bun.
  • Painful reminders while trying to tie my shoe-laces.
  • The zip of my hoodie (of all things) randomly brushing against it.
  • The Husband trying to affectionately squeeze the life out of my hand.
  • Soap and water.

I'm right handed. And this cut is on the smallest finger on my left hand. And the smallest, silliest cut reminded me of the importance of this tiny little body part. It reminded me how lucky I am to have my 10 little fingers and 10 little toes. They are literally "little" because I can never find shoes that fit and my engagement ring had to be custom-made because nobody makes size-2 rings. In fact, I later learned that the makers of the ring contacted The Husband (then Fiancé), asking him to reaffirm the ring-size, because they'd never made a size-2 engagement ring in over 80 years (True Story).

So here's my first entry into the "Gratitude Journal" tag, sending out gratitude and many many thanks for my perfect little limbs, and for all the seemingly small and insignificant things in my life that I sometimes take for granted.

Gif courtesy: Giphy.com