Hello from the other side!

Hello indeed from the southern side! Yesterday afternoon, I hopped on a flight and landed in a place that has given me a lot of memories to cherish forever - London. And I'm here once again to make some more with my childhood bestie Madam Madan.

It's the Easter weekend and I believe it's the first time in this year that we have a public holiday that gives us a long weekend. And God knows this is a well-deserved break for both me and her. Things have definitely gotten better since my little frustrated meltdown here two weeks ago, but most of March (and April so far) has still been pretty fucking horrible for me. And Madam Madan has always been working her ass off because that's how demanding her job as a corporate lawyer is. There have been times when she's stayed at her office working till 3 a.m, only to go home, shower, change, and return to her desk by 6 in the morning. When I texted her at midnight yesterday, she was still at work and I wasn't too surprised. So, yeah. Girls weekend it is!

We have plans to go on day trips and to roam the streets of London like we did back in July of last year.

Just so I remember where I was at 4 pm on the 22nd of July, 2016

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She got us tickets to a famous play (The curious incident of the dog in the night time) for tomorrow, and on Monday, I'll also be spending some time with my cousin. I can't tell you how good all this feels after the rut I was in.

So happy weekend and happy easter, everybody! I'll hopefully see you on Tuesday with many stories to share :)