April 2017 - Week 2

I went to bed way past 1 a.m and woke up in six hours. And boy oh boy am I not a morning person. I'm pretty sure that if I got only six hours of sleep but still woke up later in the day, I would have been totally fine. It's just the early hours of the morning that are not for me.

But that's fine. Today's sacrifice is for a very good reason and you'll find out soon. It's almost like how most cricket enthusiasts don't mind staying up all night live tweeting about a cricket match, only to wake up early and commute to work. Almost.

And that's exactly what we talk about in the new episode of the podcast. The IPL season is here and all Indians are going bonkers once again. Like I mention in the episode, in a country like ours where cricket is not just a game but a religion, the IPL has to be the most Desi thing that is happening right now on a global level.

So do tune in to hear our thoughts, and also to find out why Meenal's new nickname is "Mummy Chappal".

As for music today, we're back to using one of our Soundsgood playlist which will enable you to listen to this week's collection of songs on either Spotify, YouTube or Soundcloud. Do let me know if a lot of you have a Deezer account because in that case, I shall enable sharing on Deezer as well.