Yeah, I might be high.

We hardly got any sleep last night as both Shane and I have gradually progressed into the final stage of our sickness - The Dry Cough. It's something that I've always struggled with from the time I was a child and it's something that my parents have thoroughly trained me to deal with. Crush up some ginger, squeeze the juice out of it, mix it with honey and consume raw. It works like magic.

Last night however, after we retired to our bed, we each kept getting woken up by the other's cough. Neither of us could even bear to think of getting out of bed to crush ginger, so the more generous one among us got up to fetch the cough syrup. Except, the more generous one is also the more careless one and doesn't think twice before bringing just the bottle and no spoon or measuring devices to consume the syrup. So we...drank it straight out of the bottle. LIKE UNCIVILISED CAVE DWELLERS! We kept waking up from time to time to chug down some cough syrup and I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do that. That might actually explain why my brain's been acting weird ever since I woke up.

What's worse is that this morning, we woke up finding it hard to even talk because every sound we made resulted in thunderous roars of dry coughs that started to shake the very foundation of our marriage building. Wait, I just got a major déjà vu. Have I made that joke before? Also, here's a fun assignment: try saying "major déjà vu" 10 times without stopping for breath.

What's more? The entire house now needs sterilising because we're just walkin' about, crop-dusting our germs in all directions. One way to prevent us from throwing around germs like confetti would be by dabbing every time we had to cough, which by the way, is not an idea I'm smart enough to come up with on my own. I totally lifted that from this genius!

Can we please take a moment to comment on how talented she is? Shane and I have spent many hours binge-watching her episodes when we should have been working and we have ZERO regrets. TAKE THAT, AMAZON! Oh wait, did we do that while we were working on this website?

Anyway, I'm happy to announce that after a minor physical setback, I feel like I'm almost back to my full energy and this whole episode of being mildly sick has now given me more incentive to deep clean the house. WHO ELSE IS EXCITED FOR LAUNDRY?


I truly apologise for inflicting this post upon you. It's not me, it's the cough syrup talking.