On Turning 26

Exactly 26 years ago on this day, these two got hitched. Exactly 9 months and 7 days later, they unleashed the Spawn of Satan into this world. You have them to thank for this blog.

While my parents are holidaying and celebrating their anniversary (and ignoring me completely by not responding to my messages), I have resorted to wish them a happy anniversary here. By the way Mum and Dad, your beloved son-in-law has almost become successful in passing on his germs to me. But I'm hanging in there. I will NOT let him take me down.

I know that despite how much they adore the teddy-bear I brought home, deep down, they (my dad especially) still kind of want me to win at all times. He never says it out loud but if I were the kind of person who discussed my marital tiffs with my dad, or if he were the kind of person who openly expressed what he wanted me to do, our conversation right now would go like this:

"He tried to pass it on to me, Dad!"

"Unacceptable! We do not give in."

"I agree. I must win this one."

"Oh, you must win every single one of them, love. EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!"

And then, I'd proceed to kick some teddy-bear ass.

I don't really know where I'm going with this, what with all the DYING that is happening inside my body, but here's to 26 years of togetherness and over 25 years of parenting the Demon-Spawn. That's no ordinary feat.

I won't lie, you guys had a very rocky start to your relationship. And this rocky phase lasted well into my early teens. A lot of times, it was not pleasant at all. But the grace with which you kids broke out of your immaturity and finally realised that you were on the same team is commendable. It makes me proud, my little 'uns.

Also, I do realise that things got exponentially better for you after I moved out but let's just sweep that under the rug, shall we? What's important here is that I raised you well. And I left once my job was done.

On that note, I hope you've had the best anniversary so far. To 26 more!

I love you, Mum and Dad :)