SURELY, he can have more faith in me?

Yesterday evening, amidst all the coughing and DYING which we've come to accept as a part of our day to day existence, I happened to start watching a Youtube video while Shane was still in the room. I don't usually do this very often because a) he generally tends to lack interest in everything I like to watch and b) he sometimes jumps to the conclusion that even the cool and interesting things (like Clean My Space) are nerdy or lame just because I happen to like them.

Yesterday however, I made an exception because I saw him wearing headphones and being completely engrossed in his laptop and assumed that he had zoned out enough to not pay attention to what I was doing. Little did I know that he never tends to give up on opportunities to make fun of me. I was watching a video on fun DIY activities for kids and that immediately caught his attention. First of all, I must confess that I have no idea why I was watching a video about making kinetic sand and painting patterned blocks for kids because a) I don't have kids and b) there are no kids that I can interact or play with IN THIS COUNTRY. For some reason, that video still appealed to the nerd in me and I ended up watching the entire thing. I was expecting a comment from him, making fun of the fact that I was watching something that I had no use for at least for the time being. But instead, I found him looking up the price of little wooden blocks like the ones the woman in the video had used. He then explained to me that for my birthday, he had wanted to build a portrait of me using tiny rubics cubes and had everything sorted and figured out. The only reason why he couldn't execute his plan was that he didn't have a spare room or the infrastructure to carry out his little project without me finding out. After watching the video, he realised how cool it would be to try and do the same thing with wooden blocks and paint, although he would still need to have me in on the plan.

I let out a sigh of relief when I realised that something I watched on YouTube somehow managed to appeal to the nerd in him too. But the comment did come, albeit in a way that I never expected. In the video, while she was painting the blocks, the woman got her son involved and mentioned how he managed to smudge the paint on some of the blocks. "But that's okay because this is supposed to be a fun project fo him too and some smudging is inevitable hehehe", she said. At that point, Shane said, "Oh wow. She's really uncomfortable with letting her kid smudge that paint".

"And that's totally understandable. We have to be compassionate to such people. I can see myself getting uncomfortable with letting my kid smudge the paint on a fun project I'm trying to create too."

"Oh no no no. Our kid wouldn't even be allowed to participate. Our kid will only be allowed to have fun in a structured and orderly manner. Preferably from a distance. Oh no, this woman is not as fucked up as you are."

There it was -_-

Later in the evening while sorting through the groceries that he had shopped for alone because I didn't want to go out in the wind and KILL MYSELF, he explained that he'd found a tablet version of the Lemsip I'd asked him to buy but refrained from buying it because he thought, "might as well stick to the list she gave me or she might lose her shit and freak out". I asked him who "she" was because for a minute I believed that surely, I wasn't that crazy?

Then he proceeded to show me how he'd affectionately purchased my favourite chocolate chip muffins for me because I was sick. Before I could express how sweet I thought he was being, he showed another item that he'd purchased, one that was not on my list, and explained, "I figured that if you freaked out about this, I could shove that chocolate-chip muffin in your mouth and run for cover".

SURELY, I'm not that crazy?

Because all I did was give him a time-out and ask him to stand in a corner facing the wall, contemplating on his actions. There was no need for measures to distract me while seeking out cover.