January 2017 - Week 2

Happy Thursday, everyone! Music-wise this week has been interesting to us. Ed Sheeran just returned after a break and released 2 singles. Just like that.

And that resulted in our listening to more mainstream pop songs this week. Shane's not that into this kind of music but he's always been fond of Ed Sheeran. In fact, one of the first songs he ever sent me back in 2013 (if I remember correctly) was 'I See Fire'. In general, we absolutely love his voice, writing, style, everything.

So this week, we sat down and picked out a few of our favourites among the most popular mainstream music that kids these days seem to be listening to. I already feel a hundred years old saying that but you should know that personally, I'm a fan of a lot of pop songs. Some of these songs, we love for the acoustics and some, for the videos. Bruno Mars' 24K Magic is one such song that we love for his total swag. The song is good too but I feel that there's hardly anyone in the music industry today who possesses the kind of laid-back, natural swag that this man exhibits.

I included Shakira's 'Chataje' in this list because Shakira is a fucking Goddess! Shane's not particularly fond of this song because he feels that the audio is "just okay" and that the whole point of the video was to show off her body and dance moves. OH, HELL YA! Am I the only woman who checks out more women than men? Not in a sexual way but in a you're-such-a-diva-let-me-worship-you way. To look like that at 39 is the dream. Plus, if you look closely, this music video begins in an Indian grocery store set.

As always, the first and the last songs in this playlist are the stars of the show and it wouldn't be an appropriate playlist for this week if we didn't include one of Ed Sheeran's new singles. The one we both liked more was 'Castle on the Hill' and that's the song we'll start off with. But since this is a week celebrating Ed Sheeran, we decided to end this playlist with 'I See Fire', which as I mentioned earlier, was one of the first songs Shane shared with me when we were dating.

We hope you enjoy this playlist!