What? Just three months to the new year?

Yesterday was The Bromance's 28th birthday and among other nice things, I said "2 more years to becoming a Papus" (which means grandpa in Greek). The day before yesterday, I got a notification on my Facebook newsfeed that someone had turned 24. And for some reason, that registered as "we're the same age" in my head. Except we're not. In two weeks, I turn 25 and when I caught myself thinking that I was the same age as the person who just turned 24, my brain went into this extreme state of confusion. I had to manually count on my fingers how old I was going to be in two weeks - "Let's see. I was born in 1991 and it's 2016, so I'm going to turn 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...25. HOLY SHIT!"

So first there was, "I just turned 24 a few months ago, didn't I?".

Then there was, "This can't be right. I must have gotten the math wrong. It's 24. I'm turning 24, aren't I?".

And finally there was, "What did I even do with my life in my 24th year?"

Sitting cross-legged on my bed, listing all the things I did and the places I visited came next.

I don't know if anyone else feels this way but time just seems to be flying nowadays. I have no explanation for why that is. I remember my last birthday and still feel like it happened just a few months ago.

Birthday happiness 😁💃 #brightsunnyday #fallhappiness #happyhues #itsmybirthday #bahahaha

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This summer in Edinburgh was reasonably good. We had more sunny days and higher temperatures than last year. We even got to experience the hottest day ever...

...albeit followed by thunderstorms the next day.

But it was good! It was warm, it was sunny, and it was happy. So obviously, I wasn't pleased to have had to pull out my winter wardrobe already. Yesterday, when I had to wear my heavy coat and gloves, I couldn't believe that we were headed towards what could be a very harsh winter.

Don't let the sun fool you. #winteriscoming #winterwardrobe #howtimeflies

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I couldn't believe that we were headed towards 2017. I couldn't believe that we had just three months left to the new year. I couldn't believe that it's already been 9 months since I wrote about my first Hogmanay. Can't we all just remain in 2016 forever? It's been such a good year!

I don't know if you'd call this Monday morning blues but my Monday morning musings have me in a very strange mood today. It's crazy how time flies and honestly, it's freaking me out.

Nevertheless, happy Monday everyone!