We one-upped The Bromance

The Bromance loves coffee. Loves coffee. I cannot even begin to explain or justify the tremendous effort he puts into brewing coffee every morning.

He buys ethically sourced expensive roasted coffee beans that he manually grinds and makes a smooth delicate blend of amazing coffee goodness. So how could anyone possibly manage to one-up Lord Coffee Covfefe even on his off-day? (And he's super smug about it.)

But it happened. The story starts at an ISIS training camp, which I know that the Bromance would find greatly amusing. So after our short stint at the camp, we were invited to bathe in our host's private stream.

After a nice long dip in the cool natural stream, we trekked up to our host's house on the promise of great coffee. Now, at first, we scoffed. We knew that there was no way anyone was going to top Lord Covfefe.

But boy, were we wrong.

The man grew his own coffee.

Which he picked and roasted himself.

And he then brewed coffee as black as my soul.

My wife proceeded to destroy said amazing coffee with 4 sugars (is anybody surprised?) and with a glib look on her face proclaimed that The Bromance was no longer Lord Covfefe.

My wife's subsequent excitement at this revelation and Lord Covfefe's default reaction to it can be summed up in one gif:

P.S - If you're reading this Zac, please don't be pissed and stop making me coffee when I come over. She forced me to write this post, I swear.