To tea or not to tea

I want to start off my Monday by giving thanks for being able to publish my post today. Halfway through writing it, my keyboard froze and for a few minutes, I freaked out. And by freaked out, I mean FREAKED OUT. But somehow, Shane was able to guess what the problem was and he fixed it even though he wasn't physically present in the room. When I asked him how he figured out what the issue was, his exact reply was, "Hypothesize. Test. Measure. Then repeat". I don't even know what to say except that this is exactly like that time he saved Punchy £100.

On a pleasant Saturday morning a few weeks ago, as Shane and I were getting ready to go out for brunch, Ms Punchy called me. It was not a free internet call via Skype or Whatsapp but an actual phone call. I immediately knew that something was wrong. When I answered her call, she said, "Monki, I want Munnu". The only reason I controlled my urge to joke that what's mine is also hers was because I understood from her tone that she meant business. When Shane took the phone from me, a panic-stricken Punchy explained that her laptop randomly froze and that when she called up the Microsoft helpline, they said that it would cost her £100 to fix it. And they also told her that she wasn't even allowed to close her laptop because it would blow up in her face. Okay, they probably didn't say that it would blow up but what's a girl to think when you ask her not to close her laptop "in order to avoid permanent damage"? That could easily have meant permanent damage to her face. She and I truly believed that her laptop was about to detonate. But before I could chip in my 5 pence worth of advice by screaming "GET OUT OF THERE BEFORE YOU GET HURT", Shane calmly asked her to restart her machine.

"You just have to force restart your laptop", he said.

"But they specifically asked me not to do that!", she reasoned.

"Of course they did. They want your money, remember? It's very unlikely that restarting your machine is going to do any damage. Even so, it should be reversible", he calmly persisted.

Punchy took his advice, restarted the machine and everything seemed to be perfectly alright.

"For £100, I could have flown down to London, restarted your machine, and returned home the same day", he joked.

I had a whole post ready to share with you guys. As you can guess from the title, it had something to do with tea. But I feel that I need to dedicate just this one to the little giant nerd in my life, for how adorably geeky he is and for how effortlessly cool he sometimes makes it look. I want to give thanks to him, because without him, my life would look a hell of a lot different today. Without him, I wouldn't know what 'Dynamic Video Personalisation' even means. This Monday needs to be my 'Thank God for Shane' Day.

Tomorrow, you will hear all about the tea.