The second most common question I get asked.

The first one being, "Why don't you write about that on your blog?"

Someone who always joins in on our incapability to make major life decisions is The Bromance. He's the dysfunctional child we adopted to make things even more confusing for us as a couple. This child sometimes sends us messages that say, "FOOD!" and we have to try and arrive at even more life changing decisions. Like, how do we both agree on what to eat? And even if we do, how do we get our child to agree with us?

So, last week, when he sent me, "FOOD!", I said, "Shane's cooking chilli. I'm making coconut rice. You can come over if you want."

"No, I don't trust you guys and your cooking. Your chilli is going to kill me."

"Shane says he'll make his chilli gay for you and add extra spices for us later."

"He'll make his chilli gay for me the way he's gay for me?"


"That's going up on the blog, isn't it?"


"Kill me now."