Warning: For mature audiences only. Faint hearted male audiences are requested to proceed with caution. It's going to get gory down there.

Remember this post where I talked about the never-ending cycle of pissed-off-ness a few days/weeks ago? How many days ago, you ask? How would I know, considering how my bloody website is still broken. Can't you just fix yourself, WEBSITE?

Anyway, the reason I brought it up is that I thought I was PMS-ing big time when I wrote that post. But as it turns out, I've been PMS-ing for about 30 extra days since I wrote it. It's been one hellova ride.

So, when Aunt Flo finally decided to kick me in the gut last Saturday, it looked something like this:

I've mentioned in the post I linked above how I was never the kind of girl who had to suffer/roll around in pain on her period. But it's a different story altogether when it's 30 fucking days late. We had plans for Saturday that were cancelled by The Husband when he thought that there were loud farm animals stuck in our bedroom. He later poked his head through the door and went "Woof!" a couple of times because life, for Shane Girish, is a race and he can't resist a challenge when he sees one. He thought it was a competition where he'd make animal noises with me and see who wins. Well, I was a cow in labour that day, so his measly "Woof!" couldn't hold a candle to my "Mooooooo"s.

He did however win the posing competition today when he outdid my signature photo pose before going to work:

Yep. He wins there by default but more on that later.

The reason I decided to write this post is to share a modern day fairy Godmother in app form that I have been using since last August. It's an app called Clue which is a free downloadable app on both the Play Store and the App Store. This app has been my saviour all these past months. You can record anything that needs recording and closely monitor your cycle of pissed-off-ness. And by anything, I mean, anything. I love the fact that they're "confident, scientific and not pink". This app helps me to track my period, monitor the length of my cycles each month, sends me reminders on days that I could be ovulating, feeling sore, PMS-ing, et cetera. You can basically personalize the whole app to fit your needs and record what you feel needs recording.

You can watch this video to see how the app works:

I never knew how long my cycles were and if they varied from month to month, simply because I was too lazy to note it down somewhere. But now, I know exactly what my cycle length is each month. At the end of my 58 day cycle this time, which has been my longest cycle ever since I started using the app, they even sent me a mail telling me how I'm usually regular and that this is probably nothing to worry about but I might want to get myself checked just to be safe. I intend to visit my GP next week and I feel that having all my data literally on my finger tip is great. Everything that I've been going through physically and emotionally in the past 9 months is on my phone and I can access it and learn more about it any time I want.

Female reproductive health is something that needs to be talked about especially in cultures where parents and guardians feel uncomfortable educating their children about the same. "You'll figure it out when you grow up." is hardly the way to go about it. The stigma that is often associated with menstruation is unhealthy. You know what I'm talking about. You go to medical store to buy a few vitamin tablets and one packet of sanitary pads and return home with the tablets in a clear plastic bag while the packet of sanitary napkins is securely wrapped in a newspaper and then placed in a black bag.

I refuse to feel ashamed of the fact that my uterus is in working condition. And so should you. And so should your brother, father, male friend, boyfriend, husband, and that-man-you-know-from-that-place.

Do let me know what you think of the app if you use it. Take care of your health :)

This is not a sponsored post. All the opinions expressed here are my own.