The first of 2017

Ever since the four of us went camping together in July of last year, we've gone on many short tips. Ser and Lady Campsalot are our favourite little travel minions and we can't go for long without planning something together every few months. So after a fun trip to Birmingham in November followed by a few informal meet-ups in Edinburgh in the previous months, we're finally embarking on our first weekend getaway of this year.

This time, to Lake District. I wish we could go camping again soon but right now, it's too cold to sleep in a tent. Lake District, however, offers quite a similar experience in terms of natural beauty, long walks, hiking, waterfalls and quaint little towns. The only difference is that we're going to be living in a proper home and sleeping on beds instead of sleeping bags.

But at the end of the day, I feel that the location really doesn't matter much when you're with people you love. Exploring a new place together tends to simply seem like a bonus to all the giggles.

So that's our plan for this weekend - inappropriate jokes and giggles over William Wordsworth's grave. I'm sure I'm going to return equipped with more entries for Kirti's Komics and stories to share with you on Monday.

Have a happy weekend, everybody! I'll see you soon :)