March 2017 - Week 3

I can't believe it's Thursday already. It feels like I created my last playlist just yesterday. But you know what they say - time flies when you're having fun. I hope you're feeling as though time is flying too!

Since last Friday, I've been talking about how Spring finally seems to be here and on Monday, India celebrated the spring festival of Holi. This festival of colours has always been a favourite of mine. Unfortunately, not all women feel the same way about it.

We have been increasingly hearing reports of women who were either groped inappropriately by men in the pretext of "innocently" applying colour on their bodies, or of those who got pelted with water balloons aimed directly at their breasts and bums. In fact, did you know that last year, close to 36000 police complaints were lodged by women who were groped, molested and even raped on the festive holiday of Holi? I was beyond shocked when Meenal revealed these numbers to me on this week's podcast episode.

We try to understand the core of this problem and attempt to figure out how we can cultivate respect for all human beings in our children.

Also this week, Shane and I have been listening to music exclusively by women. We didn't plan for this but I was pleasently surprised while compliling this week's playlist. You might also find it interesting that the songs we chose this time around are more or less of a happier, chippier nature as opposed to the songs that Meenal says she wants to slit here wrists to. Enjoy!