Khas Papad

One of the funniest people I've had the good fortune of meeting and hanging out with is Lady Campsalot. She's one of those people who delivers one liners out of nowhere and seamlessly integrates them into her normal everyday conversations. Her jokes are purposefully lame and full of Hindi puns which The Husband often doesn't get and to me, lame pun jokes that The Husband doesn't get are the best.

For example, now that her husband Sir Campsalot is camping all over Scotland, she sent him this...

...with the caption "I don't want you going to the bathroom alone at night in remote camping grounds. Take your Peepal with you. >uncontrollable laughter<"

Now you know what I'm talking about.

Soon, I started badgering her to start a blog or a Facebook page with comics of her own because she's genuinely good at this and can easily pull it off. Although she didn't start her own comic (yet), here's what she sent me as a show of goodwill. Two memes based on our lives. Much hope has been kindled.

So here's the deal. I call for action to create Kirti's Komiks. It can easily be a new section on the Beyond Our Horizons website. If you feel the same way, please leave her a comment down below or on the Facebook post?

Thaaaanks in advance! And much love <3