You know you're tired at the end of the week when a) you can't believe it's already Friday and b) you squeeze your face scrub onto your toothbrush. Yep, it was a great start to my morning and yep, I am my mother's daughter. But holy Tholder Girdles It's Friday!

Also just to clarify, I didn't actually brush my teeth with my face scrub. When I saw mint green pasty stuff with dark green beady stuff staring back at me from my toothbrush, something clicked somewhere and I realised what I'd done. I haven't reached my mother's level of absent-mindedness...yet.

But apart from almost having tasted what I scrub my face with, this day has been goooooooood so far. I don't have a reason why it's good, I'm just in a very good mood. You know what I'm talking about - you wake up in the morning and almost choke on exfoliating microbeads that are bad for marine life, contemplate on marine life and life in general, decide not to buy products with microbeads in them ever again, and then get into a really amazing mood. I feel like that happy puppy in the post image! To be fair, I think this morning's gym session may have something to do with it. We trained on the elliptical trainer today and it kicked my ass. By the time we were done, we were actually sweating and neither of us felt like we could walk like normal people again. Why is stuff not moving anymore? What's going on? Main kaun hoon? Main kahan hoon? etc. And I don't know how things are looking for The Husband right now because he trained at a very high difficulty level in comparison to me. We'll see.

But somehow, after that session, I think I might have gotten an adrenaline rush or something because I pretty much skipped back home. Once I got home, I put on some music and danced like a monkey in front of my mirror. I kid you not, it was not one those pretty/sexy/cute/dignified moves. I actually did the chicken dance and some really cringeworthy monkey dance. Then I hopped in the shower, fixed myself some breakfast and sat at my desk to say hello to you guys.

I think knowing that it's the end of the week and that starting late this evening, I get to do whatever the hell I want with my time for the next two days, is also contributing to my happiness this morning. And I don't want to be sitting here feeling happy on my own. I want you guys to feel the same way too. So no matter where you are, and what you're doing, I want you to do the chicken dance to pop music in front of your mirror the second you get a chance. If you're at work then the minute you get home and find your mirror, put on some music and do it. Do it for me and remember me when you do it.

Before ending this post, I want to thank all of you who sent me your November goals. Thank you for letting me into your lives. So when you guys do the chicken dance today, please drop in a message to say hi and let me know that you did it. Think of this as your goal for today.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Happiness and peace to you all :)

Happy Small Dog by Dalia Fichmann via Attribution Engine. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND.