November 2016 - Week 4

Hello, you beautiful people! It's Thursday and you know what that means. I'm back with yet another playlist for you guys. Like last week, I hope you enjoy this one too.

But before jumping straight into it, I want to share something special with you. Remember what I said on Monday about testing the waters on Youtube to figure out whether producing video content in addition to written (and audio) material would be a good idea?

Well as you might already be aware, Thursday is also the day on which a new episode of the Desi Outsiders podcast goes up and this week, we decided to share our content in video format as well.

In this week's episode, we share 'The Talk' about periods, sex and reproduction with you guys, for anyone out there who didn't get one growing up, or for any parents who're not sure about how to go about educating their kids on this topic. It's a simple 8 minute video which we hope will be beneficial to many.

Please cut us some slack in terms of quality as we're trying to work around the fact that we both live in two different countries and don't have high-quality equipment. That said, we would really appreciate some genuine and honest feedback. Thanks in advance!

Now, for some music for your souls :)

This playlist is slightly different from the other two. This one is more melodious, more instrumental, and more our style. Somehow this week, Shane sent me songs that I immediately knew would make it into the weekly playlist. The last song in there is 'Scotland' by The Lumineers. It's a favourite of ours for multiple reasons. It has a very authentic Scottish feel to it without the use of traditional bagpipes and it goes without saying that the composition is surreal. Also, we heart Scotland berry berry much (CLARE, I'm looking at you)! I always place my very favourite song at the end of the playlist so that when you finish listening to it, you're left with an elated feeling and a happy spring to your step.

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