November 2016 - Week 3

This morning, I slept in, woke up when I had to, cooked a nice heavy breakfast for us, brewed some strong English Breakfast tea for myself and opened my laptop to watch something while eating. Little did I know that the tiny act of opening my laptop would result in an explosion of kindness in my living room. My inbox was bursting with kind e-mails from so many of you guys that I was left speechless. For a chatty little person who goes on 2500 word rants every now and then, it feels strange to be at a loss for words. Well done, you guys! You sure figured out how to shut me up. I literally felt like all of you got together and screamed "SHUT UP, Ankita! We're gonna do the talking typing now" from inside my computer screen.


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

I truly don't know what else to say because I'm overwhelmed with emotion and more than once, I caught myself tearing up after reading your messages to me. The Husband was here when it happened and although he didn't get to sit through all of them, before leaving the house, he did say something along the line of "I bet you won't last without writing till noon today. Not after reading all that". And boy, was he right (as always). Have I ever told you how much I hate it when he's right (which is almost all the time)?

I just want to give a shout-out to someone whose email made me literally wail at my desk. I was so touched by what you had to say that I wish I could squeeze you in a hug, Punit! And I'm hoping that you won't mind my attaching a small excerpt from your mail, just to share the goodness and cheer you brought into my life today.

I hope you realise that with your skills, even if you are at half of what you are capable of, that is pretty good and sufficient. Even if you are not able to achieve all the goals you set out for yourself in a day, that's quite fine...

...And, as for your last post on Birmingham, which probably came at this stressful time, it was a gem. It seemed as though we were with you and Shane, having a wonderful time together. You guys went around and had your foodgasms, but we were also suitably titillated by the lurid details. I, for sure, had my panties in a bunch.

Thanks so much for all the entertainment. You are our little Kim Kardashian, breaking the Internet regularly with your posts. So sleep well, eat well, take good care of yourself, smell the fresh air, dance and have a good time. Even if your creative output takes a bit of dip, you still are too good and we'll always love you.

And the best part is, most of the emails ended with that very last sentence which made me cry with a smile plastered on my face. Some of you even dropped a message for Shane which I found very endearing. I also want to share something his friend from Norway sent him after reading yesterday's post. She works with cutesy horsies and this is what I saw first thing in the morning:

Capri and Fresia send some extra horsepower to Ankita, since it seemed she needs it a little. Heffe would too, but he was busy drooling in my hair

Thank you for that, Maritha! Capri and Fresia sure did cheer me up :)

It often baffles me how complete strangers and people that I've never met in my life are now my close friends through this journey. I feel so incredibly blessed to have you kind people in my life. I can't even believe that I was privileged to be at the receiving end of so much love.

I didn't know how to pay you back for all this. So I thought it might be fun to keep my promise of sharing a playlist of seven songs today. It worked out so perfectly that today is, in fact, a Thursday. So I sat down and picked some of my favourites from all the songs The Husband sent me this week. Here's some love to you:

I want to especially mention that you need to listen to the very last song on this playlist. 'Iron' by Woodkid is a favourite of ours because it takes us back to Shane's college days when he was broke and irresponsible, and would listen to this song on repeat. It's through him that I got introduced to it and for the weirdest of reasons, we both absolutely LOVE this song. Please do listen to it, we can't stress this enough.

So while you listen to this playlist, I'm going to get to business of responding to all of you :) Once again, thank you for motivating me to put this post together with a lot of love and joy in my heart. Hope you have a great day, wherever you are.