Music for your souls

Oh, what's this? A blog post on a Thursday after all that talk about taking a break on Thursdays? Wasn't that one of your November goals, Ankita?

Yes, YES! I'm a loser. And I'm back. My name is Ankita and I have a problem - I can't not blog on a weekday if I can help it. So here I am, functioning on ONE HOUR of sleep today because, if you haven't heard already, today's podcast episode is a - wait for it - braindump! But in spoken form. AND, we've put it up as a Youtube video and we tried our best to make it look like we're in the same room, just chatting about poop and farts but this was our first attempt and you have to take into consideration the fact that we're both living in different countries, recording on different devices. So yeah, do check it out and let us know what you think. But I guess I'm back for good on Thursdays because of something akin to withdrawal. Haaaai!

So here's the deal. You're already aware of the fact that The Husband is the romantic one in this relationship and I'm the douchebag/emotionless turd sandwich/plain ol' witch on a broomstick. He's weirdly cheesy in a way that would make Karan Johar weep tears of joy, and often springs at me out of nowhere to shower me with kisses. Kisses that I always try to escape from especially since the shaving phase is already over and his little stubbles bruise my skin. Have I ever mentioned that he's literally a foot taller than me and two times my size and weight? Like, literally? Yeah, which is why trying to escape from those almost cute but painfully scrunchy kisses never works out. And before I get distracted and lured into a rant about the end of the shaving phase and how I get to keep that aftershave balm for my legs after all (HA!! Take that, MOTHER!), I want to share a little something about him that I somehow forgot to mention in all these months of blogging.

The Husband, as you guys already know, loves working, writing code and generally solving puzzles. A LOT. But what you don't know is that he always has noise playing in the background while he works and that he never works in silence. That's the only way in which he can concentrate on what he's doing and function as a human being later. Hence, he a) knows the weirdest, most random trivia about this world, starting from sewing and cooking to outer space and the universe and b) has the largest and weirdest collection of music I have ever come across. What is weird music, you ask? Weird combinations in his playlists are what I'm talking about. Imagine death metal and Ed Sheeran in the same playlist. Yeah, that's what I mean by weird.

But the weirdness doesn't stop there. Because not only does he listen to weird shit, he also sends them to me along with other geeky science articles that he thinks I might find interesting. I know what this sounds like - that nice boy sends his girl music because he's so romantic and all that bitch does is complain. I get it. But you should know that I HATE about 90% of the songs he listens to simply because it's not my kind of music. However, a few do seep in that I listen to on repeat because I do love that man, people! And because those songs are pure genius. But mostly because I love him to bits for staying up with me all night, helping me realise my dreams and build my life the way I want.

So here's what I've decided to do. From now on, every Thursday, I will share with you a playlist of 7 songs - one for each day of the week. And these songs will be hand-picked by me from all the songs The Husband sends me almost every single day. It kind of feels like I will be sharing his daily/weekly musical love-letter to me with you guys, although a lot of the songs are about pain, heartbreak, depression, breakup and maybe even murder. Man, those death metal guys sound so fucking angry all the time! I can't imagine them speaking to people in a normal tone anymore.

When I created a playlist of songs from the 60's through the 80's for my dad's birthday, I noticed that we have a lot of music lovers in this 22 Nelson Street family. Honestly, I don't think there's anyone out there who doesn't enjoy some good music. Admittedly, these are my favourites from all the different songs The Husband sends me from many different genres and if you want to listen to a crazy fusion then we could maybe ask him to share one of his original playlists with you sometime. But these are my compilations and I hope they lift your spirits the way they do mine :)

Here's this week's playlist for you: