More short jokes, anyone? (-_-)

But first things first. This happened:

And now I wear it everywhere. Every waking minute of my life. Because knowing Scotland, and considering the fact that it's a tad bit big for my tiny head, my relationship with it is not bound to last very long. Before long, it's going to tell me, "It's not you it's me" and fly off my head. So I've decided to enjoy it while it lasts. I'm wearing it right now as I'm typing out this post. I wear to sleep, in the shower, on the can and outdoors whether it's sunny, rainy or dark after the sun sets. JUST KIDDING because the sun currently sets in Edinburgh at 10:02 p.m and even 11 p.m looks like this:

11:15 pm in Edinburgh #summerskies #nofilter #thenorth #thesunneversets #notreally

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That's my excuse for wearing it to sleep - IT'S JUST TOO BRIGHT OUTSIDE SHANE DEAL WITH IT!

So yesterday, The Husband, my hat and I were walking to our friends' place to indulge in our weekly geek session where a bunch of us get together every Wednesday to play Dungeons and Dragons.

We've been doing this forever and I'm surprised that this is the first time I'm mentioning it on my blog. Every Wednesday evening has been DnD evening for a very long time now. Anyway, on our 30 minute walk to their place, The Husband asked me, "Why do you have to wear that hat all the time?"

"I don't know. It makes me feel very cool. I think I look good in it."

"'re already pretty..."

"Awww than- ..."



"Walked right into that one, didn't you?"

*more silence*

"You know why you didn't see that coming?"

*morest silence*

"Because you're short..."



"You're an asshole, you know that?"

"I just thought of another one."

"Fine. Go ahead and make the damn joke. Because obviously, asking you to not be an asshole is not gonna stop you, is it?"

"Aaaah but here's the thing. I would have told you the joke but then I realised that you'll write about it on your blog. Which is why I stopped just short of telling it."

"Yeah, you can bet your ass that's going up on the blog, you ARSE!"

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