Let's Travel the World!

The Husband is working from home today:

Because he's not keeping well. I almost feel guilty for being this happy about the fact that we both get to stay in bed and work side by side.

Also, before I forget, I don't know if any of you noticed but our website was down yesterday for about 2 hours because our DNS provider went down. There was nothing we could do and I almost got a mini heart-attack. Sorry about that!

Now, let's talk travel. Last week, a few of The Bromance's friends came visiting. They told us how they had been backpacking through Europe, and Edinburgh was their last stop before heading back. They'd been to Berlin and Prague, had stayed a few days in each city and were basically, having a blast. The more I spoke to them, the more I got to learn about their very laid-back attitude towards travelling. They weren't super-rich CEOs on a holiday, just ordinary people like me. But they were out there travelling to all these places simply because they had the right mindset and attitudes. Let me elaborate. When The Bromance asked me what kind of accommodation he should book for us for when we visit Greece this year, his question was more or less, "Do you guys want a whole place to yourselves or shall we all just live together, share utilities etc?" and my immediate response was, "Of course we want a whole place to ourselves!". That, you see, is not necessarily the right mindset while travelling, as I've now come to learn. The focus should be on the places you visit, the sights you see, the people you meet, the food you taste, and the culture you experience. It should have more to do with your overall experience, rather than the bull-shit of uptight individuals.

When I spoke to those youngsters last week, I felt old. Because I suddenly realised what an uptight, bullshitting asshole I had always been about travelling. Why would you worry so much about where you spend the night when ideally, you should return to your accommodation only to sleep and to change? Why would you spend all your money on a fancy hotel/resort when ideally, you should be out on the streets, mixing with the locals and tasting authentic cuisines? If your idea of a holiday is to go to a different city and check into a fancy place, to get a massage or a free buffet breakfast, then why not just check into a hotel in your own city? Why travel? Instead, by immersing yourself in the local culture, by not worrying about where you spend the night, by wearing comfy shoes and strolling through the shabbiest streets you can find, you might just save yourself a bunch of money and in return, stay for a few extra days and go back home with rich memories and experiences.

It's funny how The Husband and I spoke at the same time in reply to The Bromance's question, his reply being, "Who cares where we stay?". I, on the other hand, have had much to unlearn this week.

To right mindsets!

This is a travel blog by our friends Anirudh and Kirti, two youngsters who have already visited most of the places on my bucket-list. They provide handy travel tips and cool bite-sized information capsules on how to get to places, the local culture, commute, cuisines and the like. Do check them out.