Jan/Feb Playlists

We're almost halfway through February so I think it's time to share the two hours of music I've put together since December of last year. I make that sound as if it was a deliberate decision to do it this way but the fact of the matter is, I forgot. Sorry 'bout dayat.

So without further ado, here are the January and February playlists that Shane and I have been enjoying:

I try to keep each playlist about an hour long so it's the perfect duration of a commute or a workout. I also usually tend to explain why I chose certain songs but since I'm sharing 30+ songs this time, I'll skip over that step and tell you what genres to expect instead.

Jan playlist:

  • R&B - one each from the 60's, 70's and 80's.
  • Rock - There's new-wave, dance rock, and alternative rock.
  • Indie - quite a bit of Indie in this playlist especially towards the end.
  • Pop - there's always some pop music that cannot go unnoticed.

Feb playlist:

  • Indie - most of the songs in here are solo Indie numbers that'll take me forever to list out. But trust me, they're brilliant.

Hope you enjoy the music! I'm currently adding songs to my March playlist and will try my best to remember to share it by the beginning of next month :) Until then, how about you guys give me any song suggestions that you might have ⬇️ and I'll add them to next month's playlist too.

See ya!