Greetings! 'Tis a fabulous day!

This morning, I woke up feeling so excited and happy that I had to work extra hard at the gym to calm the fuck down. I came very close to exploding into confetti by the time we reached the gym, but all the subsequent sweating was a good way to channel all that hyperactiveness into something productive. I woke up this morning like I'd been bitten by a happiness bug and I have no clue what I'm so happy about. None. But I'm not complaining because this is how Monday mornings should be.

However, for my own sake, I feel like the best way to go about this day would be by listing down some of the reasons for all the unicorns farting in my brain right now. So here goes.

  1. Lists (duh!)

  2. I have fresh, crisp and inviting white sheets on my bed.

  3. I kicked ass at the gym today. My stamina is improving, I'm sweating, and I can workout at a higher difficulty level than when I started out. But instead of feeling tired after a workout, I feel more energised. It's the best feeling ever!

  4. BBC One's Call the Midwife has new seasons up AND a Christmas special coming out soon. It's one of my favourite shows and ZOMG I'm excited!

  5. We received a Christmas card this morning. It was addressed to the previous tenants who moved out of the country years ago, but nobody ever sends us Christmas cards anyway so I kept it. Mostly because I liked the cover art but also because it feels good to receive a Christmas card so THANK YOU, Mary Allen and family. Shane said he's very uncomfortable about having it displayed on our fireplace but no one asked him for his snooty opinion anyway. I don't need that kind of negativity in my life.

  6. I cleaned the bathroom last evening and it's so squeaky clean that I threw my panties at the toilet paper holder when I walked in this morning.

  7. The reason I cleaned the bathroom again is that some electricians and repair workers are coming over in an hour to fix a lot of shit that needs fixing in this house.
    Among the many flaws of this house, two of the major ones are the exhaust fan that has mood swings and the boiler that's on its period every week. We're so well trained by now that Shane and I actually check whether the boiler is malfunctioning before each shower. Or for all you know, we could get mercilessly sprayed with cold water such that our nipples would shred the towels that we'd wrap around our bodies before frantically making our way to the boiler.
    And for the past few months, every time someone is in the bathroom, the exhaust fan starts screaming bloody murder, making the person inside panic when they really shouldn't be panicking. And on one such occasion, I even got the feeling that I could smell something burning in the bathroom and that's not a very good feeling to have when you're in there doing your business. So the last time our property manager came over for a routine visit, I dragged him around the whole apartment listing flaw after flaw till he started looking weary of my barely five-foot self. At the end of my tour, when I said, "Yeah, that's all. We have no other complaints", he looked at me like I'd just casually asked him to give me his baby. He nervously followed up that look with a meek laugh and a "that's quite a lot of complaints actually". That was the last we heard of him until last Friday and by then, I'd totally given up hopes for a normal life and had even trained myself to live in the Stone Age. But on Friday, we were informed that the electrical problems with this apartment were finally going to be fixed. Long story short, I'm excited this morning because we've been promised hot water and humidity control.

  8. We've been doing a lot of Christmas shopping and all the Christmasy stuff all around have me in a very good mood.

  9. We're going to the Christmas market again today because the food stalls there never fail to give us multiple foodgasms. They also have a nice ice rink close to our house so we're going ice-skating later this week. I can't skate even on a normal surface but why not?

  10. I'm going to spend time with my friends at a Christmas partaaaay tomorrow evening so yaaaaay!

  11. We just finished recording an awesome episode for this week's podcast so stay tuned!

  12. We had a wall of cardboard boxes that we accumulated over weeks of online shopping. We always said we'd get rid of them but never got around to it. But today, we finally got rid of the boxes and the corridor that was home to them now feels luxuriously spacious.

  13. Now that the ugly boxes are gone, I can finally clean the space that they took up.

  14. When I told my dad about the headache I got one morning after hitting the gym, he told me to have milk and cocoa instead of coffee before exercising. "Because coffee is too strong. Children should be drinking milk". I don't know what that has to do with my headache but what I understood was that I'm a 25-year-old child to my dad, and that's pretty awesome.

  15. My man made me coffee this morning because he doesn't know what my dad and I talk about. Every girl needs a man who makes her coffee although in this case, it may not have been the best idea considering how pumped I already was.

It's time for the chicken dance, everyone!

I hope my happiness is contagious and that it inspires you to list down the things that make you happy in the comments down below :)

On that note, HAPPY MONDAY EVERYBODY! May this week be amazing for you.