A weird day in the life

Before making any excuses for why today's post went up so late, guess who got featured on blogadda.com's Tangy Tuesday picks!

That's right, Meenal! Oh, wait.

THAT'S RIGHT, y'gais! Remember that story of a hormonal teenager who flung rotten eggs at nuns? Yes that very same story that had absolutely nothing to do with me. Yeah, it got featured on blogadda.com wooohooooo!

Now, to make excuses. Actually, I have a better way to communicate what happened. Let's start with last evening.

1:30 pm - Shane left for work to attend an important meeting after working from home all day while the electrician attempted to pull us out of the Stone Age.

3:00 pm - I was supposed to leave the house to go to the Christmas market and stuff my face but the electrician was still not done with his job. Turns out that we were living in the age before the Stone Age which is the age that doesn't even exist because the Stone Age is the oldest age in history. GODDAMMIT Ankita, couldn't you have said that you were living in the Bronze Age or something? You could have then made a joke about how you thought you were stuck in the Bronze Age but now the electrician has to pull you out of the Stone Age. GODDAMMIT, you imbecile with no foresight!

4:00 pm - Shane texts me to say that since he left his laptop at home, he didn't have anything to do at work after the meeting so he wanted to come home.

4:05 pm - I tell him, "Oh HEYELL NO, MISTER". Because I was still hopeful that the electrician would leave soon, and that I'd get to stuff my face with that special pork sandwich and mulled wine at the market. And if Shane walked all the way home, he'd have to immediately leave with me and walk the same distance again to the Christmas market.

4:10 pm - After a lot of back and forth and obsessive planning (LIFE PLANNING because we take our Christmas markets and food very seriously), we decided that Shane would come home and we'd go out once the electrician left.

4:15 pm - The electrician tells me that he'd have to come in again tomorrow (today) because some of the issues were too hard for him to tackle on his own. He was going to bring help. I say "whatevs".

4:25 pm - His help actually makes it and they decide to try and finish everything up on the same day rather than delay the process (they still had to come in today). Shane also arrives from work and we discuss how this worked out in our favour, with the electrical work getting done in one day instead of two (no, it didn't).

6:00 pm - They're done with their work for the day, and they vacuum clean the entire area that they were working in. That's when the excitement starts.

6:15 pm - They leave and I notice that there are still a few footprints around the house. The excitement increases.

6:45 pm - One thing leads to another, and in all my excitement, I was already done mopping all the floors of the house. It was like meditation.

7:00 pm- We realize that the market would be crowded now that everyone's left work. We have no clue what we're doing for dinner.

7:15 pm- Because we're already dressed and pumped to go out, we walk out of the house and grab some dinner.

8:00 pm- We're tired. So we take a nap.

10:00 pm- We wake up from our nap to realise that we'd be out till late at night the next evening, so that doesn't give us enough time to finish editing Thursday's podcast episode.

11:00 pm- We're snackin' and editin'.

3:00 am- I go to bed because the rest is all technical work for Shane.

Side note: I've shared before that I find it hard to fall asleep on our cold bed (because we keep the windows open even during the winter) without my furnace of a husband near me. And ever since we started the podcast, I've had to fall asleep without him for at least one night of the week. So last week, we went out and got a bunch of fluffy pillows for our bed and now, I sleep like a baby with pillows on all sides when he's not around. Also, I just changed the sheets and duvet covers to a white set that we own, so last night, it felt like I was getting into a giant marshmallow to sleep in. I can't think of a cooler way to fall asleep around Christmas.

6:00 am- My cuddly, snuggly furnace comes to bed and struggles to find me amidst all the pillows.

8:00 am to 10:00 am - We snooze our alarms every 10 minutes.

11:00 am - I'm finally showered, dressed and ready to get to work.

12 - something- pm - I start writing this post.

My point is, you guys just read the world's most elaborate excuse for showing up late. BAHAHAHAHAHA!

See you tomorrow!