How to tell your wife she's ugly

Does anyone else enjoy Jimmy Fallon's 'Hashtags' series? Shane and I love having it play in the background while we do our separate things. Some of them are hilarious!

So last weekend, we were watching his #IGotCaught series:

And one of the tweets he shared was this one:

And I was all, "Hey! I've done that too! Although, I never got caught."

And Shane was all, "Weirdo!"

But something told me that his response was half-hearted. Like he was distracted when I told him such an important secret, something I'd never shared with anyone before. This could be a huge marriage milestone, and all he said was "weirdo". So I went fishing for a better response.

"I'm serious. I've actually run to the mirror while crying to check out if I looked cute while doing it or not."

"What? Why?"

"My crying face is actually kinda cuter than my normal resting bitch face."

"Okay but, no one looks cute while crying."

"I actually do."

"No one looks cute while crying."

"Wait a minute. You've actually seen me cry..."

"Aaaaaand I rest my case."

Moral of the story: Never go fishing for comments.

And yeah, the fact that he actually agreed to the part where I declared that my crying face is better than my normal face is not lost on me.

Also, go back and count the number of times I repeated the word "actually" in this post. If this goes on for long, guess who's going to actually replace the Apparently Kid on the internet!

Happy Monday, y'all! Have a great week ahead.