December 2016 - Week 1

Happy, happy December you guys! It's my favourite month of the year and Edinburgh is simply amazing around this time of the year. The Christmas market, the lights, and all the festivities have me going:

So what better way to start this month than by listening to good music?

But before we get into that, what do you think of the latest winter masthead?

My new winter masthead has me in a very festive mood 😍💃🎄🎀🎁

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Every season of this year, I've changed up the masthead to add some colour, cheer, and character to this blog. This is the last one for the year and going back and looking at all the previous mastheads makes me very happy.

Now coming back to music, this week's highlight is again, the last song on the playlist. It's Lana Del Rey's 'Dark Paradise'. I'm pretty sure a lot of you may have already listened to that one on repeat but this is for old times' sake. If you remember, I'd included another one of her songs (Blue Jeans) in the playlist from 2 weeks ago. We always have a tough time finding originals that can be shared on Soundcloud. I would love to find another medium to share this music with you because we listen to our songs on Spotify and that's where Shane shares music with me too. We then find the songs on Soundcloud to share here. Do let me know if you're aware of a better medium to do what I'm doing.

Here's this week's playlist for you:

Hope you enjoy it! And more than anything, I wish you all a very happy and festive December :)